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Bones Scoop, Brennan’s Trouble with Booth and More

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/13/2013

BonesBones Scoop, Brennan’s Trouble with Booth and More




Here’s the latest Bones Scoop from Adam Bryant of TV Guide’s Mega Buzz on February 12th, 2013.



I heard there may be trouble ahead for Booth and Brennan on Bones. Please tell me that’s not true! — Hilary, via Twitter

ADAM: The couple did seem to be having some serious communication issues before Brennan got shot in this week’s episode. I think you can put safe money on those issues not being quickly resolved. In the meantime, Brennan will also have trouble with another man in her life: new squintern Oliver Wells (Brian Klugman), who has some issues with Brennan’s authority. “[He] is completely un-intimidated by Brennan. He does respect her, but he doesn’t revere her,” executive producer Stephen Nathan tells us. “That’s a new thing for these interns because Bones [Brennan] holds their future in her hands. He has so many degrees and is so accomplished, he doesn’t need her. It’s very disorienting and disconcerting for her.”



Bones returns to FOX on Monday, February 18th, 2013 with episode 8×16, ‘The Friend in Need’ at 8:/7: Central.


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