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Bones Scoop, The Future of Booth and Brennan’s Relationship

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/24/2013

Bones and BrennanBones Scoop, The Future of Booth and Brennan’s Relationship


Here’s some scoop on Bones from this week’s Ask Ausiello column, posted on 1/22/13.





Bones: Scoop on the future of Bones and Booth’s relationship and the upcoming time travel episode from TVLine’s Michael Ausiello:

Question: Can you finally rule out Booth and Brennan on Bones as the couple behind your Blind Item — despite what David Boreanaz just told you guys? —Michelle

Ausiello: Not commenting on the Blind Item. But when we presented Emily Deschanel with her costar’s curious quotes, it took her a moment, but then she got on track with what he had said. “Ohhhhh. Yeah, we definitely have an episode where we’re at odds with each other,” she confirmed. As colleagues or as a couple? “Personally,” she clarified, “but then it trickles into the professional. It’s complicated!” Deschanel also elaborated on the springtime time travel episode teased in Inside Line. “[The victim] attempted to travel through time, and we’re wondering if that’s how he died,” she said. “And then we find another body and wonder if that’s actually him from the future, coming back. It opens a whole big discussion!”



Bones returns to FOX on Monday, January 28th, 2013, with 8×13, The Twist in the Plot at 8:/7: Central.





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