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Bones, Season 9 Possibility of Marriage Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/07/2013

Bones 8x24 Season Finale Will Bring Up the Marriage Issue Again and Pelant NewsBones: Scoop on the possibility of Booth and Brennan getting married in season 9 from TVLine’s Michael Ausiello



Here’s some scoop on Bones from this week’s (Posted on 8/6/13) Ask Ausiello column.



Question: I’ve been dying for some Bones spoilers. Do you know when and how Booth and Brennan will get married? —Anne

Ausiello: No, but series creator Hart Hanson does, and here’s what he’s willing to share: “Like most things we do on Bones, the wedding will happen in a way you don’t expect and a time you don’t expect.” And what that, Mr. Cryptic McObscureson strikes again!


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