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Can Anything Trump The Avengers’ This Summer

Written by   // 06/01/2012

Can Anything Trump The Avengers' this Summer

This Summer Movie Season has been a bit of an “anomaly”, to quote a term from another summer movie series that spawned the rebirth of summer sequels, and the birth of summer blowouts, damn blockbusters’!



To be exact, ‘The Matrix’ has changed the way summer movies have been released by the studios’, and anticipated by movie fans; & Marvel’s The Avengers’ has changed the game again. Having sold over four billion in ticket sales, worldwide, it has proven to be, ‘quite the juggernaut bitch’, pun intended. Not even Big Willie Smith, formerly known as Mr. 4th of July, could pull the focus from The Avengers’, to date it still sits as the number two movie, in weekly top ten lists. Will Snow White & The Huntsman, another reimagining of Snow White & the Seven Dwarves, collected by the Brothers’ Grimm, way back when in 18 something, something, be able to knock The Avengers’ off its block? Methinks not; and let me tell U why.

Marvel/Disney’s The Avenges’, has been planned as an all out attack; way back when in the 2002, movie dark ages, Marvel had the idea to finally release a movie version of Spider-Man. It worked, the movie was good, the tie-ins were huge, and the box-office results were staggering (*$821, 708,551); to be modest, that’s a lot of webbing true believers. Where Marvel was smart, was in this; all the principal parties were signed to the sequels. Effectively ensuring one thing that comic book fans appreciate, continuity; Thanks Matrix! Continuity is as important to movie fans, as it to all other mediums of storytelling. Its as the Oracle from the Matrix Movies said, “Everything that has a beginning, has an end.”

So my question is, has Marvel effectively ended the summer movie season, as we know it? With its big-budget effects, it’s block busting brawling, and its Black Widowed Scarlett Johansson (Good Lawd!), has Marvel tapped into some unknown source? With its continuity, effectively, tying in five different movie story lines (IronMan I & II, The Incredible Hulk, Thor & Capt. America), and rolling them into one magically, marvelous movie, that begs for sequels, that equal, if not surpass, its majesty. Again has Marvel tapped into something w/ its storytelling that other movies are missing? I like Will Smith, and the original MIB movie, but come-on, MIB III sends The Fresh Prince back in time, to 1968, really!? Big Will, would’ve had to fight racism, on top of aliens; he may even had to fight racist aliens, lol (someone will make it I’m sure). And Snow White has a chance, word on the street is its good, and the media blitz surrounding the release has been Avenger Worthy; Universal Studios has held no punches in its advertisements. Literally using its new relationship w/ Comcast, to show 1-15 minute mini snippets (on demand) that would usually be reserved for the home release on DVD/blu-ray. Will it matter? Even if it’s good, will it be good enough to knockout The Avengers’? Even if they have added Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, as the Huntsman; who starts out a drunken warrior, and who winds up an axe-wielding savior, Avenging something, again really!? I mean, yea I’m gonna see, just like I’m gonna see The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, & maybe Prometheus; toss up between that and Total Recall.

And of course, the Avengers again, because I didn’t see it in 3D Imax!!!

The Avengers

Which brings us full circle, even if I don’t see any of those movies again (I will of course); my question is has Marvel tapped into something, and can anything stop The Avengers from becoming The Matrix, of its era?

Of course they have; they’ve tapped into the comic-book reading; Mac computer using, filmnews reader. Avengers’ has continuity, aliens, time travel, super heroes, & The Man Samuel L. Jackson… The Avengers has the promise of sequels, that shouldn’t get old, and its not an old story being retold; sorry Snow, but you know nothing. Marvel, and the big bank over there at Disney has realized, something; the Fans, of Toy Story have grown up, and they still like movies, to look great, and be good, at the same time. We shall see this weekend if Snow White & The Huntsman, have anything good to offer, that will require repeat viewings like The Avengers… here’s the trailer.


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