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Box Office Forecast: Ice Age: Continental Drift Unopposed

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/13/2012

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For the first time in months, the Box Office will be under the radar this weekend. The biggest film opening is Ice Age: Continental Drift. To be honest, it’s all quite boring. Box Office Mojo put it like this, ‘In a fairly obvious attempt to stay away from The Dark Knight Rises, the major studios are only releasing one significant movie this weekend.’


I completely agree. It’s obvious nobody wants to be anywhere near the box office monster The Dark Knight Rises is almost certain to be. Next week when The Dark Knight Rises comes out, only one other film will be released with it. That film is The Well Digger’s Daughter which is foreign film that will only get a limited release.


This leaves the door open for The Amazing Spider-Man and Sony pictures, who will butter up their bread with all this box office room. Meanwhile, Ice Age: Continental Drift is debuting at 3,880 locations this weekend, 2,731 of which are playing the movie in 3D. Ice Age is predicted to be No. 1 at this weekend Box office, with a haul of $48.5 million. Personally, I don’t think Ice Age will make that much. I think the film will be hard pressed to break $40 million dollars. The Amazing Spider-Man is predicted to finish second with $33.5 million dollars and Ted and Brave should finish 3 and 4 respectfully.



Forecast (July 13-15)
1. Ice Age 4 - $48.5 million
2. Amazing Spider-Man - $33.5 million (-46%)
3. Ted - $21.2 million (-34%)
4. Brave - $11.2 million (-43%)


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