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Box Office Forecast, The Bourne Legacy Ready to Take Flight

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/10/2012

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Per Box office Mojo: ‘Expected to give up first place at the box office this weekend to The Bourne Legacy. The reboot/spin-off of the popular action franchise is opening in 3,746 locations, and should earn at least $30 million over its first three days. Also in the running this weekend are Will Ferrell-Zach Galifianakis political comedy The Campaign(3,205 locations), Meryl Streep-Tommy Lee Jones romantic comedy Hope Springs (2,361 theaters), and extreme sports movie Nitro Circus the Movie 3D (800 venues).

The Bourne franchise began in 2002, and is one of the rare series that actually earned more money at the domestic box office with each outing. The first moviedebuted to $27.1 million, followed by $52.5 million for The Bourne Supremacy and $69.3 million for The Bourne Ultimatum, and the totals increased each time as well. They were also all well-reviewed, and remain fan favorites to this day with strong 7.9, 7.7 and 8.1 ratings on IMDb.

While the franchise is popular in part due to its intense action in exotic locations, a big factor in its success has been Matt Damon’s strong portrayal of title character Jason Bourne. With Damon stepping away from the franchise after the third entry, though, Universal Pictures had to come up with a way to keep milking the brand without their title character. Their solution was to create a tangential storyline following an entirely different character named Aaron Cross, whose shoes are being filled by up-and-coming star Jeremy Renner.’


My Thoughts:  I think The Dark Knight Rises won’t just drop to #2, but I think it will drop to #3. The Campaign is going to do about $20 million dollars and I can’t see The Dark Knight Rises beating that. Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis put on a monster media blitz and they sold me on the film. I’ll be seeing it this weekend, and I won’t be alone.


As for The Bourne Legacy, I saw it last night and was very impressed. The action was a little blurred — fast and poorly edited, but when the action went wide screen, it was great. Renner did his job as well, and I didn’t even thing about Damon — as much as I loved him in the franchise. I don’t want to say to much about it her, because I will post a review, but it’s all entertainment. you won’t be disappointed. The Bourne Legacy is going to Finish #1 in a land slide. I’d guess it’s #1 by about $15 plus million, cementing Jeremy Renner as a leading man.


Here are the Box Office Projections:

Weekend Forecast (August 10-12)
1. The Bourne Legacy - $46 million
2. The Campaign - $23.6 million
3. The Dark Knight Rises - $18.2 million (-49%)
4. Hope Springs - $11 million ($15.5 million five-day)
5. Total Recall - $10.5 million (-59%)


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