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Box Office Projections: Can ‘The Possession’ Hold Off Bradley Cooper and ‘The Words’

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/07/2012

Box Office FOrecast

This weekend packs little punch. Look for The Possession to maintain the box office throne.


The Sam Raimi produced ‘The Possession,’ starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan has already made $28. million dollars world-wide. That’s not bad considering the film had a budget of $14 million. Last week the film opened #1 with $17 million. This weekend, the film is projecting about $7.6 million from hollywood insiders. That would make The Possession -57% from last week. Still, its now bad.


Bradley Cooper’s The Word, is the new film on the block. It’s opening wide to 2,801 theaters. I think those theaters owners will end up being disappointed by the films turn out. The film is only projected to make $5.6 million dollars this weekend and is going to be threatened by Lawless which is projecting $5.4 million.


The Expendables 2 is likely to spent another weekend in the top five. Prognosticators are projecting $4.5 million this weekend. Though The Expendables started off slow, the film has been steady, pulling in $172 million world wide.


Another film to look out for is Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark. The classic is being re-released in 267 IMAX Locations.  Because of ticket prices from the IMAX, ‘The Lost Ark’ could do quite well and bullish box office forecasters are predicting the film will beat out new comer ‘The Cold Light of Day’ — staring Henry Caviezel, and Bruce Wills.


Here are the Box Office Projections

Weekend Forecast (Sept. 7-9)
1. The Possession - $7.6 million (-57%)
2. The Words - $5.6 million
3. Lawless - $5.4 million (-46%)
4. The Expendables 2 - $4.5 million (-50%)
-. Raiders of the Lost Ark - $2.9 million
-. The Cold Light of Day - $2.4 million


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