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Box Office Projections: This Week Looks Like Last week With a Premium Rush Addition

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/24/2012

Box Office Forecast



The last two weekends of August usually give moviegoers the weakest field of new films to choose from. Besides, most of the movie going public is already burnt out after two straight months of big budget blockbuster. We got are fill. We got The Avengers, we got The Amazing Spider-Man, we got The Dark Knight Rises and we got are Pixar fix in the form of Brave. By now, the public is saying, ‘enough already.’ Everyone needs a reset, we take a month or two off from the big Box Office bang in anticipation for the fall films that, at times, rival the summer blockbusters.


This year, nothing has changed. The two biggest films to hit theaters are Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Premium Rush, Kristen Bell, Bradley Cooper’s and Dx Shepard’s, Hit and Run, and Ashley Greene’s, The Apparition — a horror film that is oddly released in late August.


Of the new comers, only Premium Rush will make any real noise. The film has adequate star power in the form of Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon. Neither one are A-list sort of speak, but everyone knows who those two actors are and everyone likes them. Both actors have the power to jump back and forth between big budget blockbusters and indie films that win awards at The Austin Film Festival.


The truth is, this weekend will look a lot like last weekend. The box office won’t do to much shuffling at the top. The Expendables 2, should take the top spot again pulling in something like $10-15 million. The Bourne Legacy will  most likely stand its ground in second place with a $8-10 million dollar haul and ParaNorman will finish 3rd or 4rd, behind or ahead of Premium Rush.


The Apparition will finish outside the top ten. Dark Castle has given the film limited marketing. There viral campaign was a disaster and this film will be a disaster as well. Studio heads must of have been disgusted. This isn’t a summer movie. This is a horror film for the fall, yet here it is, opening on August 24th.


Here is Box Office Mojo’s Weekend Projections

1. The Expendables 2 - $12.2 million (-57%)
2. The Bourne Legacy - $9 million (-47%)
3. ParaNorman - $8.6 million (-39%)
4. Premium Rush - $8.2 million
5. The Campaign - $7.1 million (-46%)
-. 2016 - $5.8 million (+466%)
-. Hit & Run - $2.7 million ($3.8 million five-day)
-. The Apparition - $2.5 million


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