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Box Office Results: The Hobbit Stays in 1st, Jack Reacher a Modest 2nd

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 12/24/2012

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Box Office Results: “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” Stays in 1st, Tom Cruise’s “Jack Reacher” in a weak 2nd, and “This is 40″ rounds out in 3rd.



box-office1This weekends box office, didn’t land with a Christmas Bang. Still, the box office should even out as the week progresses and the Christmas films hit. In the mean time we will concentrate on this weekends box office results. The Hobbit will win the weekend with ease. However, it looks like the Peter Jackson epic will fall 73% from last weekend, with a modest $31.5 million dollar haul. The Hobbit is killing it overseas though and opened in Russia and other eastern European territories this weekend, which should give the film an even bigger international bump.


Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher opened modestly with $17.5 million dollars. That’s not a typical Tom Cruise opening, but this is also not a typical $200 million dollar Tom Cruise movie. Jack Reacher cost $60 million to produce, and when the overseas numbers come in, this film will more then makes its money back. The UK and U.S. may role there eyes at Tom Cruise, but the rest of the world is still in love.


This is 40 will open in 3rd with an estimated $12 million dollars. I have mixed feelings about this number. It’s true that Judd Apatow has a large following, but this is an adult movie, with an R rating. I don’t think this film can be judged by its opening weekend, because older audiences don’t rush out  on the first weekend the way teens and 20 somethings do. We’ll keep an eye on it through this Christmas week. We’ll know a lot more after that.



Box Office Top Ten Results

1.The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (MGM/WB) Week 2 [Runs 4,100] PG13
Friday $10.5M (-73%), Weekend $31.5M, Cume $145.2M

2.Jack Reacher (Skydance/Paramount) NEW [Runs 3,352] PG13
Friday $5.7M, Weekend $17.5M

3.This Is 40 (Universal) NEW [Runs 2,912] R
Friday $4.0M, Weekend $12.0M

4.Rise Of The Guardians(DW Animation/Par) Week 5 [Runs 3,031] PG

Friday $1.5M, Weekend $7.2M, Cume $79.8M

5. Monsters Inc 3D (Pixar/Disney) Week 1 [Runs 2,618] G
Friday $1.4M, Weekend $5.0M, Cume $6.5M

6. The Guilt Trip (Skydance/Paramount) Week 1 [Runs 2,431] PG13
Friday $1.4M, Weekend $4.7M, Cume $6.7M

7. Lincoln (DreamWorks/Fox/Disney) Week 7 [Runs 2,293] PG13
Friday $1.4M, Weekend $5.5M, Cume $116.7M

8. Skyfall (MGM/Sony) Week 7 [Runs 2,365] PG13
Friday $1.2M, Weekend $4.0M, Cume $279.1M

9. Life Of Pi (Fox) Week 5 [Runs 1,750] PG
Friday $1.1M, Weekend $4.2M, Cume $76.5M

10. Breaking Dawn Pt 2 (Summit/Lionsgate) Week 6 [Runs 2,000] PG13
Friday $817K, Weekend $2.8M, Cume $281.9M


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