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BOX OFFICE: Madagascar 3 Edged Prometheus for No.1

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/10/2012

Box Office


In The End, Madagascar 3 out dueled Prometheus for Box office Gold.


Box Office

Sunday Box Office Update: It looks like the domestic box office slump is a thing of the past, as summer moviegoers splurged and the weekend produced $175 million dollars in receipts. That was a +32% jump from this time last year. And wouldn’t you know it, Prometheus beat out Madagascar 3 on Friday before being edged out on Saturday. A Rated R film besting an animated cartoon is a rare feat in the box office business. Animated cartoons are usually unstoppable.  And even though Madagascar won the weekend, it was a good showing for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. No one, least of all Twentieth Century Fox, expected its R-rated original playing in less theaters to outgross DreamWorks Animation‘s PG-rated family threequel on opening day. In fact Fox execs kept predicting no more than a $30M-$35M weekend result in a blatant attempt to lower expectations. No matter. Prometheus crushed it with a stout $49.5 million dollar weekend haul. Madagascar also slightly out performed with a weekend haul of $59.6m. That’s more than Snow White pulled in last weekend. So, everything in Hollywood is on the up and up.


Rounding out the top five was Snow White and The Huntsman, which will fail to past the $100 million dollar mark this weekend, Men In Black 3, and The Avengers which passed the $570 million dollar domestic threshold. All in all, if was a good weekend for tinseltown.




Friday Returns: The Prometheus‘ marketing campaign is paying off in a big way. The film grossed an estimated $21 million dollars on Friday and is poised for a big weekend. Ridley Scott’s Science Fiction ode to Alien received good reviews and bloggers from all over the world are highly recommending this dark futuristic opus. No need to worry Hollywood, the summer box office slump is defiantly over.


Meanwhile, Madagascar 3 is holding its own as well and is in a dog fight for the number one spot opposite Prometheus. It too has racked in $21 million Dollars as of Friday and is on it’s way to an estimated $58 million dollar weekend. It that $58 million holds up, it should beat out Prometheus for the top stop. As of this hour Prometheus is tracking a $55 million dollar weekend, but remember these are estimates. They’re accurate estimates, but they come with a plus-minus $2m tally. Which means its anyones game.


Snow White & The Huntsman will finish third with an estimated $23 million dollars and may cross the $100 million dollar mark by late Sunday night. Men in Black 3, and The Avengers round out the top five.


Box Office Top Ten based on weekend’s estimated North American grosses:


1. Madagascar 3 (DreamWorks Anim/Paramount) NEW [4,258 Theaters] PG
Friday $20.4M, Saturday $22M, Weekend $59.6M

2. Prometheus (Fox) NEW [3,396 Theaters] R
Friday $21.4M, Saturday $16.4M, Weekend $49.5M

3. Snow White & The Huntsman (Universal) Week 2 [3,777 Theaters] PG13
Friday $7.5M, Saturday $9.1M, Weekend $22.9M (-60%), Cume $98.5M

4. Men In Black 3 (Sony) Week 3 [3,792 Theaters] PG13
Friday $4.2M, Saturday $6.1M, Weekend $14.2M, Cume $136.2M

5. The Avengers (Marvel/Disney) Week 6 [3,129 Theaters] PG13
Friday $3.3M, Saturday $4.8M, Weekend $11.2M, Cume $572.3M

6. Best Exotic Marigold (Fox Searchlight) Week 6 [1,298 Theaters] PG13
Friday $925K, Saturday $1.3M, Weekend $3.0M, Cume $30.8M

7. What To Expect When (Lionsgate) Week 4 [2,087 Theaters] PG13
Friday $920K, Saturday $1.1M, Weekend $2.7M, Cume $35.7

8. Battleship (Universal) Week 4 [1,954 Theaters] PG13
Friday $710K, Saturday $925K, Weekend $2.2M, Cume $59.7M

9. The Dictator (Paramount) Week 4 [1,651 Theaters] R
Friday $675K, Saturday $800K, Weekend $2.0M, Cume $55.1M

10. Dark Shadows (Warner Bros) Week 5 [1,550 Theaters] PG13
Friday $410K, Saturday $700K, Weekend $1.5M, Cume $73.9M


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