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BOX OFFICE RETURNS: The Amazing Spider-Man Still No. 1

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/09/2012

Box Office




Box Office

UPDATE, Saturday, 7:40am: The box office maintained its fantastic summer momentum. Yesterday, the box office was up 35% from last year. As we come down the stretch of this LONG 4th of July of weekend, the returns are holding at plus 34% vs last year.  The Amazing Spider-Man is an easy #1 and looking like a $66M first weekend.  Ted is still strong with a $35.5M domestic weekend and a fantastic 10-day cume of $123M. Struggling is Katy Perry’s Part Of Me which will do around $9.9M for its first weekend and $10.4M for its first 4 days in release. While Oliver Stone’s adult crime drama Savages, is looking like $16.6M for the weekend.



The Amazing Spider-Man has sparked a serious Box Office Rally from a year ago. So far through the first four days of this six day weekend, the Box Office Returns are up 35% versus last year.


Sony/Columbia’s The Amazing Spider-Man is looking like $21M Friday for a weekend around $65M. That would give The Amazing Spider-Man a $140 million dollar 6-day total. It’s not quite a show stopper, but it’s impressive nonetheless. “In the world of reboots it’s pretty spectacular,” a Sony exec reminds. Batman Begins came back with a $48.7M opening weekend, while X-Men First Class debuted to $55.1M.


Ted, Universal’s holdover comedy, will finish the weekend in second place. The film made $11.3 million dollars on Friday and is looking at an estimated $36 million dollar weekend. That would put the film at the $122 million dollar domestic gross earnings mark. What a huge hit for Seth MacFarlane and Universal.


Rounding out the top five is Brave, Magic Mike and Savages. Savages is looking like $5.2M for Friday with the weekend estimate around $15M. That’s not to bad. Most predicted an $11-$13 million dollar opening weekend. So, the Oliver Stone film looks to beat expectations. However, Universal made the decision to move this R-rated film from the safe harbor of a September 28th release (where The Town, a similar R-rated crime film, performed so well in 2010) to this very crowded summer slot. Not the smartest of moves, especially since those better-than-average trailers made this look like a perfect fall movie. As a result, Savages could only release on 2,627 screens.


Meanwhile,  Katy Perry’s Part Of Me is struggling and will only do around $3M Friday and just $11.8M for its first 4 days in release. “I guess it will take 5 days to gross its budget,” a Paramount exec joked about the Insurge pic. I guess I don’t see the humor. This should be an embarrassment for everyone involved. It was terribly marketed and misplaced. To open up the same week of Spider-Man was a mistake. There goes the entire Teen and pre-teen audience. I don’t get the rational.


Box Office Top Ten


1. The Amazing Spider-Man (Columbia/Sony) Week 1 [4,318 Theaters] PG13
Friday $20.7M, Saturday $24.4M, Weekend $66M, Cume $141M

2. Ted (Universal) Week 2 [3,256 Theaters] R
Friday $10.5M, Saturday $13.5M, Weekend $35.5M (-35%), Cume $123.0M

3. Brave (Pixar/Disney) Week 3 [3,891 Theaters] PG
Friday $6.2M, Saturday $9.8M, Weekend $23.5M, Cume $177.8M

4. Savages (Universal) NEW [2,628 Theaters] R
Friday $5.6M, Saturday $5.9M, Weekend $16.6M

5. Magic Mike (Warner Bros) Week 2 [3,120 Theaters] R
Friday $6.1M, Saturday $5.4M, Weekend $14.9M (-62%), Cume $72.0M

6. Madea’s Witness Protection (TPerry/Lionsgate) Week 2 [2,161 Theaters]
Friday $3.4M, Saturday $4.4M, Weekend $10.6M (-59%), Cume $46.1M

7. Madasgascar 3 (DreamWorks Anim/Paramount) Week 5 [2,861 Theaters] PG
Friday $2.3M, Saturday $3.2M, Weekend $8.0M, Cume $196.3M

8. Katy Perry: Part Of Me (Insurge/Paramount) Week 1 [2,730 Theaters] PG
Friday $2.7M, Saturday $2.6M, Weekend $7.3M, Cume $10.4M

9. Moonrise Kingdom (Fox Searchlight) Week 6 [884 Theaters] PG13
Friday $1.3M, Saturday #2.1M, Weekend $5.0M, Cume $27.3M

10. To Rome With Love (Sony Classics) Week 3 [806 Theaters] R
Friday $860K, Saturday $1.4M, Weekend $3.2M, Cume $4.8M


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