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Breaking Bad 5X02 Review Madrigal

Written by   // 07/30/2012

Breaking Bad Review MadrigalBreaking Bad 5 X 02 Review Madrigal

So here is where the Breaking Bad Season 5 really starts developing into its own and showing some direction on where the season may be heading . “Live Free or Die” was to provide some closure and answer the questions lingering in viewers minds at the end of season 4 of Breaking Bad. We found out Ted Beneke was still alive, but severely injured and seemingly sworn to secrecy. Mike “the cleanup guy” is also alive and well, living in Mexico, but torn between Gus’ death and loyalty to Jesse. Which draws the question on why he is so willing to help out Jesse and Walt, but for now that is plausible. The main revelation, however, is how the trio (Mike, Walt and Jesse) were able to destroy the laptop containing the “cook room” that was taken into evidence by the now vindicated Hank. All that needs to be said on that is “Yeah bitch, magnets! “.

“Madrigal” immediately introduces us to a hungry new character, Mr.Shuler. Lifelessly going through a taste test for Madrigal Electromotive before he is interrupted with a message; “they’re back Mr. Shuler, three this time”.

On his walk to see who the three people are, Mr. Shuler watches a “Los Pollos” sign being torn down from the Madrigal food court. Raising yet another question; what or who is going to replace the old kingpin?

Breaking Bad 5X04 Promo “Fifty-One”

Mr. Shuler carries along and identifies the three men as being cops who are looking through his conference room inspecting photos of him with old pal Gus Fring. Without hesitation, and with the same melancholy look on his face, he grabs the conveniently placed Externer Defibrillator behind him and confronts the issue head on.

In the meat of “Madrigal” characters motives and backgrounds really start standing out. Through a time lapse of the two searching for the ricin we see how Walt makes a duplicate capsule and is able to manipulate Jesse yet again. A vulnerable Jesse is just what Walt needs to get his old partner back and ready to start working their way to the top. So now mutually wanting to get back into the game, they try convincing Mike to be their third guy because of his connections. Mike wants nothing to do with the affiliation because of Walt’s shorts fuse and detrimental manner. ” I’m sorry the kid here doesn’t see it, but I sure do. You are a time bomb, tick tick tick, and I have no intention of being around for the boom.” Meanwhile Hank and his partner are having a heartfelt meeting with their chief. The conversation is the chief coming to terms with who Gus was, how he allowed Gus right into his house, to have dinner with his family, and be someone he could take at face value. “The whole time he was someone else completely, right in front of me, right under my nose,” Maybe a piece of advice for Hank to take into consideration?

The latter half of “Madrigal” is very Mike oriented. He is interrogated by Hank and his partner Gomez during their investigation of people tied to Gus Fring. Although Mike is able to stay calm, cool and collective throughout the interrogation a few of his soft spots were revealed. He used to be a former cop whose career was ended on an unmentioned incident and 2 million dollars are being held in his granddaughter’s name.

He has a meeting with a neurotic young lady, Lydia, with a hit list of people that she wants Mike to cross off. The list consist of people on Gus’ payroll who could be possible leaks to the police that could lead the DEA to back to her. Mike turns down her offer and in return finds his name being put on the same hit list.

In a full circle swing, Mike spares Lydia’s life after holding her at gunpoint in her own home. Luckily Lydia’s daughter and nanny were in the house and Mike can see her being useful if kept alive. Mike ask Lydia if she has accessibility to Methylamine. In a blunt phone call to Walt to see if the alliance is still in cahoots; Mike ends the scene with the words ” I’m in”.

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