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Breaking Bad 5X03 Hazard Pay Review

Written by   // 07/31/2012

Breaking Bad Review 5X03 Hazard Pay EpisodeBreaking Bad 5X03 Hazard Pay Review

It is completely fair to make the claim that Walt is not “Walt” anymore. He has completely lost his “Dr. Jekyll” or, Mr. White, and will from now on be stuck in the body of “Mr. Hyde” or as he would like to call himself, Heisenberg. And we aren’t even the first to notice it. Skylar has been terrified of Walt (or Heisenberg) ever since the end of season four. We have seen her reactions and mannerisms as Walt holds her at the end of “Live Free or Die” and “Madrigal” and all they show are consternation. “Hazard Pay” is able to further show the transformation of Walt, reintroduce us to some forgotten faces and provide a preview of the trio’s new “cook room”.

Breaking Bad 5×04 ‘Fifty-One’ Promo

Although the opening sequence is good, we were spoiled with the flash forwards and deaths in prior openings that this one seems sub-par. In this opening we are taken to a holding cell where Mike is playing the role as a para-legal to a lawyer named Ben. They are going to visit one of Gus’ former laundry men to inform him that Chow’s death wasn’t a message being sent around to all ex-employees. Everyone that was supposed to get their hazard pay will get it, and they have Mike’s word because a deal is a deal.

Now time to start talking business. Walt and Jesse are at Saul’s office trying to get the go ahead from him to let Mike officially join the crew. Saul, a little uneasy at first because of previous threats from Mike that he would break his knees, eventually gives in and invites Mike into the affiliation. Not is all that easy though. Mike decides that he will be in complete control of the business aspects and Walt and Jesse will be in sole control of the cooking. Tension builds up, Mike leaves the affair and again its just Saul, Walt and Jesse in the room. Before all of them exit the room, Saul ask Walt if he is okay with Mike being in control of the money. ” Yes, He handles the business…and I handle him”.

Season Five of Breaking Bad Will Be “A Blood Bath.”

In a “Say Yes to the Dress” sort of montage we are shown three possible accommodations before the trio can finally pick their new ‘cook room’. We are displayed a wonderful box factory big enough for all their equipment, but unable to keep the humidity out of the inside. Next a beautifully exhibited tortilla factory capable of supplying all the tortillas one man could want, but not able to pass the random government food inspections. The third place being a laser tag arena which simply got a “hell no” from Jesse. But finally, after all hope seemed to fade away, we are taken to “Vamanos Pest’ . With some quick thinking by Heisenberg, we are introduced to the crews new cook rooms. While the pest control company sends away families and tents up their homes to be prepped for bombing, Walt and Jesse can go inside and be able cook their batch. The smell of the poison afterwards will in theory disguise the meth aroma, and , to them, a new home to cook in every week sounds like a plan worth taking.

A Young Aaron Paul Goes Crazy On The Price Is Right

The first day of cooking has arrived, all “Vamanos Pest” employees have been given the low down by Mike to keep their noses out of Walt and Jesse’s doings. All seem to understand the rules except for one over interested employee who will, more likely than not, cause some problems down the road. The two set up shop inside and things are back to what they used to be, coexisting and cooking just like old times while “On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever” by The Peddlers is playing in the background. After the batch is finished the two kickback to have a brew and watch some Three Stooges. With things still on track, Walt finds it in him to bring up Brock and Andrea to Jesse. He ask him what their relationship is, if they are going anywhere and tells Jesse to make a choice on how much he is willing to let her in on. This all seems pretty morbid through our, the viewers, eyes knowing how much pain and agony Walt has put Jesse through the past 5 seasons.

“Hazard Pay” finally brings back Marie! and she is still wearing purple and complaining! She is at the White’s carwash gloating about Hank to Skylar, about how he is back at work, how he was right all along about the “chicken guy”. She keeps going on and on, until she brings up Walt’s upcoming birthday. And Last we heard about Walt’s birthday, He was sitting in a Dennys with a full head of hair, pulling off gun heist and leaving 100 dollar tips. So Marie eventually becomes unbearable to Skylar who pulls out a pack of cigarettes and tells her what everyone has been yearning to say to her since we first met Marie; “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! shut up! x10

Payday arrives for the trio and its time to start divvying up the cash. First they are 300,000+ short because they had to pay their “mules”, the Vamanos Pest owner has to be payed 45,000, Saul earns 18,000 out of each batch and then 117,000 has to go to Mike’s “legacy” (Former employees he promised would get their hazard pay). Walt refuses to hand over money to Mike for people he has absolutely no connection with and were part of Gus’ old regime that Walt thinks he “destroyed”. Jesse has to step in and ground Walt, “you’re looking at it wrong, We may have cleared less money, but we got a bigger piece of pie… We’re owners, not employees, just like you said.”

Although Mr. White was able to make a compromise this time, there is always something cooking in his head. Thinking back on how Gus slit his old right hand man’s (Victor) throat, he is contemplating the actual reason for it all happening. “he flew too close to the sun, got his throat cut” But why? because he was “Taking liberties that weren’t his to take”. Mike better be cautious while playing his business games with Walt because Heisenberg will be the next guy knocking at his door.

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