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Breaking Bad 5×05, ‘Dead Freight,’ Recap & Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/13/2012

Breaking bad

Can you get high off an astounding episode of television? Because if so, that’s what I’m experiencing right now after watching last night’s “Breaking Bad.”



The fifth episode of this season, “Dead Freight”, begins with some beautiful camera shots of a motor-biker zipping through the New Mexican desert. Said rider stops, takes off his helmet, revealing that he’s a young boy, and proceeds to scoop up a tarantula he spotted and capture him in a jar. Then the opening sequence commences. Okay. Cool. Random, but I know better than to question the opening scenes of “Breaking Bad” episodes. Remember the black and white shots with the vibrant pink bear in the pool? Um, flawless.


Then we see Walt being ushered into Hank’s new office, and I just have to marvel at the civility between Walt and the DEA, and how after all this time Hank can remain so unsuspecting. Reminds me of someone else the DEA use to trust (*cough cough* GUS), and look how that turned out. Hank remarks at Walt’s shiny new watch that Jesse gave him, and I can’t help but feel a pang of hatred for Walt. Because I really, really am starting to hate Walt. Especially for everything that he’s done to Jesse, everything he’s put him through, and the way he still continues to treat him like shit after all of it. Because let me just say—I LOVE Jesse. I adore him. He is such a tragic character… but that’s a whole different story. Back in Hank’s office, Walt switches on his incredible lying skills to weasel in a bug and a microphone attached to Hank’s computer and phone. Oh, Walt.


Next we have Lydia being interrogated by Mike, Walt, and Jesse. But seriously, this Lydia woman is pathetic. I’ve been hoping for another good female character (as all we really have at the moment are Skyler and Marie…), and Lydia is definitely not it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


Also, a shot of all the guys together—Mike, Walt, and Jesse—kind of makes me giggle. They all have no hair. It’s like, the less hair a character has, the more violent they are. Gus, Tuco, the assassin twins… they all had no hair. Just an observation.


So the plan to extract methylamine from a moving train ensues. I have this picture in my head of Abed from “Community” pointing to everyone and saying, “Train heist? Train heist? Train heist?” Everyone loves a good heist. The men and Lydia argue whether or not they should leave the two men working the train alive. Mike tells them, “I’ve done this long enough to know that there are two kinds of heists. Those where the guys get away with it, and those who leave witnesses.” Usually I have an inkling to trust Mike on these sort of things, but (my baby) Jesse comes up with a brilliant plan to rob the train where no one even knows it’s happening. Because he’s just such a softie at heart. He doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.


Breaking Bad Dead Freight Recap


There’s a little nonsense from Skyler, more about her wanting to keep the kids away from Walt, which is kind of getting on my nerves. I mean, I completely understand her desire to want to protect her children. Remember Walt laughing maniacally in the basement, Skyler’s face plastered in horror? Now THAT was a perfect scene of television, the kind that left me breathless. But anyway, we see a little Walt Jr. (Flynn?) brooding and nothing is really resolved, so let’s get back to the exciting train heist.


They men have enlisted “Todd” to help them execute the robbery, played by none other than Landry from “Friday Night Lights”. Or Jesse Plemons, whatever. The heist begins, and I’m holding my breath, watching as their plan unfolds in stunning cinematography. And after a few nerve-wracking hitches, the crew successfully gets the methylamine they need and the train continues on. They are celebrating, jumping up and down, when suddenly they stop short. The young boy from the beginning of the episode is perched on his bike, staring at the scene before him. A witness. Todd gives a little half-hearted wave. Then, amidst Jesse’s screams of objection, Todd pulls out a gun and shoots the little boy in the head. We see the tarantula in the jar on the ground, an eerie end to the episode. The credits roll. My jaw is on the floor.


Next week’s episode is sure to include the severe repercussions. I can’t wait.



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