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Bullying: Celebs Speak Out Recap By Nonprofit CEO

Written by   // 08/16/2012

Khloe Kardashian Bullying Specail on E! Celebs Speak OutBullying: Celebs Speak Out Recap By Nonprofit CEO

On Tuesday night E! Investigates aired a special called Bullying: Celebs Speak Out.

I sat and watched it out of curiosity to hear of the types of messages celebrities give kids when it relates to bullying.

I was mostly affected by two women featured on this special – Khloe Kardashian-Odom and Michelle Trachtenberg.

Having experience in this area myself I know how uncomfortable it is to talk about that time in life. I felt for Khloe when she told E!’s host, Laura Ling, she was called the “ugly sister” during her childhood. That made me so upset. Since I only know what it’s like to grow up as a girl, I can say that there’s never an easy stage. We’re always being compared to someone else. And to hear the Khloe was compared to her sisters by her teachers and put down by her teachers, it actually makes me feel as though what I’m doing today is right on track.

Quotes From E!’s Laura Ling’s Bullying: Celebs Speak Out

What Michelle had to say about her childhood made me even more upset. What Michelle said about her childhood reminded me a lot of the documentary Bully. I would even say that Michelle was an extreme case and probably had a few opportunities to press charges from what she revealed on the E! Investigates special and online.Michelle Trachtenberg Bullying Special

Michelle talks about being punched on the school bus because she wouldn’t give up her window seat to another girl on the bus due to motion sickness. She tells another story to Laura Ling revealing a time she was pushed down a flight of stairs so hard that she broke bones. She was kicked and hit.

Both Khloe and Michelle had a super supportive family structure. Most of the girls we work with have supportive families. It’s when they go to school that everything changes. And that was the case with both Khloe and Michelle. They didn’t have sisterhoods in school. And that’s so important.

Later on in the special Laura and Khloe met with a 13-year-old girl who was bullied in 7th grade for being the new kid in the school. She liked to dress differently – unique to her own style. Kids put her down because she felt comfortable being an individual. How awful right?

My favorite part of the entire special was something Khloe said to this 13-year-old girl. She suggested this 13-year-old flip her thinking. Rather than ask herself “what can I do to make them like me,” she should say, “WOW! I have T-H-I-S many people concerned for my well-being. That must make me important.”

I liked that. We’re so careful around our messaging. What I think we do a great job of is providing not just messaging but an actual action plan. We have an advisory board made up of educators, social workers, life coaches and psychology experts. These experts pulled together different action plans based on what role the girl is playing in life and then based on her personality. For example: If she is being the bully and knows it – she gets one action plan. If she is being bullied and doesn’t feel comfortable speaking up about it – she gets a different action plan.

It takes the world to make changes worldwide. I’m proud to be a part of such an important topic. It’s not just the girls who are being bullied that we’re inspiring at Severson Sisters. We’re inspiring the girls who are doing the bullying to change. We’re inspiring the girls watching it happen to step up.

We’re inspiring girls Connect to their Inner Super Girl! Clearly Khloe Kardashian and Michelle Trachtenberg are totally Super Girls.

Awesome special on bullying. Check it out online if you haven’t already.

All my best Super Girl Energy!


Carrie Severson

Severson Sisters is a bullying solutions and self-compassion outreach program for girls ages 7 – 17. Our mission is to inspire girls live their life as their authentic, awesome, super self. We help them connect to their inner super girl – and CELEBRATE IT! We are always graciously welcoming of donations, partners and volunteers. Visit to learn more

 E! Investigates: Khloe Kardashian Odom on Bullying


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