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Burn Notice: S06/E02 Recap

Written by   // 06/21/2012

Burn NoticeThe second episode of the sixth season of the USA Network’s hit spy drama Burn Notice started out this week with Fiona Glennane (Gabrielle Anwar) writing Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) a heart felt letter from federal prison.

In Burn Notice Season 6, Episode 2 – The letter from his incarcerated girlfriend sent Michael into a frenzy, wanting to reach his imprisoned lover and let her know that himself and Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) are tirelessly working to free her from bondage.

Sam reminds Michael how hard it will be for him to get in to see Fi, because Sam had to call in “National security contacts” just to get the letter to Westen, and suggests that Mike call in help from friends in high places.

While Mike and Sam are trying to figure a friend in a high place to help Fi is having problems making friends in Prison. A prisoner named DB is attempting to assert dominance over the cellblock and after ruining Fi’s lunch offers Fi an apple to eat. Fiona’s new friend Nicole (Taryn Manning) warns Fi that if she eats the apple DB owns her, but if she doesn’t it’s like “spitting in DB’s face.” Fi doesn’t eat the apple and prepares to deal with DB.

Friends in high places came in the form of Michael’s former training officer Tom Card (John C. McGinley), who Michael goes to visit in Washington DC and is found behind his desk with a container of yogurt.Burn Notice

Michael explains the situation to Card, and Card officers Westen a proposition, if Westen helps card nab some high ranking members of the Zeta drug cartel Card will help Michael see Fiona.

The Zeta’s just so happen to be opening shop in Miami, and next we see Card briefing Michael and Jesse Porter (Colby Bell) from a Miami safe house, while Sam provides a dead body to play unlucky boss of the 2 dirty agents that Michael and Jesse are preparing to play.

Once at the hotel and preparing to make contact with the marks Michael realizes that one of the marks friends would recognize him from previous work and is forced to leave Jesse to infiltrate the cartel alone.

A pen with a hidden microphone in it is Jesse’s only lifeline to Michael, Sam and Tom. Jesse fearlessly makes contact with the Cartels chief enforcer Montero (Anthony Ruivivar) and goes about convincing him that the DEA is hot on his tail.

After a trip to a DEA safe house stockpiled with information on him and his boss Montero takes Jesse to dirty DEA agent Jack Kemps house, where Montero murders Kemp.

After killing Kemp Montero takes Jesse to meet the Don, Don Ramiro and the Don insists that Jesse prove the DEA is on to their operation. In a pinch Michael, Sam and Tom set up the original drop point to look like DEA agents surrounded it.

In actuality the real DEA agents had just raided the cartel shipment, upon hearing this Jesse convinces Montero to cooperate, and Card assures Michael that with a $2million cocaine shipment foiled and a cooperating witness seeing Fi shouldn’t be a problem.

Burn NoticeFi dealt with DB by fashioning some rolled up magazines into a club and beating on DB and her gang, but while on work assignment in the kitchen with Nicole gets attacked by her new friend and finds out someone wants her dead. Check back again for Burn Notice Season 6, Episode 3.


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