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Burn Notice: S06/E03 Recap

Written by   // 06/29/2012

Burn Notice‘Burn Notice’: Season 6, Episode 3, ‘Last Rights’

Season 6 Episode 3 of “Burn Notice: Last Rights” starts off with Fi (Gabrielle Anwar) still in federal prison, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) working to get her out, and Anson Fullerton (Jere Burns) still on the run. Fullerton being the shrewd psychologist uses the memory of Agent Pearce (Lauren Stamile) murdered fiancée James to distract Pearce, who in turn enlists Michael and his team to help eliminate the killer.

Meanwhile on this episode of “Burn Notice” Fullerton lets Pearce know where the man who murdered her fiancée, Ahmed Damour, is and lets in the information that he is currently a CIA asset. Though the agency cares far more for the information Damour is in control of as opposed to his charming smile. After agreeing to help Pearce Michael has to ask not only Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Jesse (Colby Bell) but also has to ask his mother Maddy (Sharon Gless) and his younger brother Nate (Seth Peterson) to participate in a complicated charade to bring down the killer.

Back in the federal lockup Fi has made contact with a handy prisoner named Ayn (Anything You Need), who has agreed to get the name of who’s trying to kill Fi at a considerable price. Ayn needs Fi to lock the cellblock door for 2 minutes, a hefty favor indeed for FI who needs to keep her nose clean to make her visit with Michael. After some deliberation Fi decides to do the favor.

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The plan for Michael and his Team is to follow Damour on to a vacation cruise ship and slip him some poison that will make him think he has meningitis, and once he is convinced he is terminal listen in on his instructions to his son on what to do with the intelligence.

Michael impersonates a CDC doctor and convinces the ships medical staff that Damour and Burn NoticeJesse who stole Damour’s Johnny Walker Blue the night before both have the same strain of meningitis. While Maddy, Nate and Sam are impersonating a CDC team back in Miami sent to inspect Damour’s house as well as his son.

Maddy played a nurse and kept the son occupied while Nate and Sam went into the office to plant a listening device on the phone. They were almost caught by the son but some quick thinking by Nate got the bug planted and Maddy was able to plant a tracer on the son.

Back on the boat Michael and Pearce told Damour he was dying and sat back and listened while he instructed his son on what to do with the intel. After that it was just a matter of following the grown son to a boathouse were Sam and Nate prepared to ambush him and his bodyguards.

Much to their surprise the son was meeting with 3 heavily armed Russians, and the Westen team had to think fast. Sam called Michael, who in turn convinced Damour that his strain of meningitis was planted in his home by the Russians to which Damour responded by having his son kill them. Unfortunately for him the Russians fired back, everyone died and Sam and Nate had no problem recovering the unharmed intel.

Back on the boat agent Pearce took pleasure in telling Damour of hers and Michael’s plot, before we rejoin Fi in prison. Fi accomplished locking the door for Ayn, which was so Ayn could retaliate against another smuggler moving in on Ayn’s turf. After the lockdown because of the locked door Fi was able to visit with Michael and convey a message of a guards name and address who is in on the plot to murder Fi.


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