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‘Butter’ Trailer Starring Jennifer Garner & Ty Burrell

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/23/2012

Butter Trailer There’s a little “soft comedy” called Butter coming out soon and The Weinstein Company has released the trailer today.


The Jim Field Smith comedy has a nice mix of actors. Some of my personal favs actually. The film stars Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone, Ty Burrell, Yara Shahidi, Ashley Greene and Olivia Wilde.


In many ways, the film is about Butter. no really, its appropriately titled. It’s Set in the highly competitive world of championship butter carving, Butter blends social commentary, outrageous comedy and heartfelt drama in telling the story of the ambitious Laura Pickler (Garner), the self-anointed First Lady of Butter Carving. Refusing to accept that her husband (Burrell) wants to step down after his 15-year run as the “Iowa State Butter Carving Champion,” and therefore end the Pickler family’s reign in the spotlight, Laura takes a stab at the title herself.


Wasn’t there a Weeds episode where the Botwin’s entered a butter carving contest to try and win a brand new monster size caravan? Anyway, back to Butter. 


Her bid for glory is complicated when two unlikely contestants enter the race – one, her husband’s hard-living mistress (Wilde), and the other a 10-year-old foster child named Destiny (Shahidi). Enlisting the help of her high school sweetheart, Boyd (Jackman), Laura will stop at nothing to be crowned champion, even if it means resorting to sabotage. Part political satire, part Capra-esque comedy, Butter is a story about what it means to win at all costs and against all odds.


Clap, Clap, clap! That was one of the most well written synopsis’ I’ve ever read, copied or pasted. Look, the story is about a woman’s pride and her unwillingness to let it go. She has dreams and aspirations, but in her world there is no peak. Her husband, played by Ty Burrell is straight out of Modern Family, the one difference being, in this film his character would actually have an affair. Phil, would never do that.


The rest of the character seem rather standard. Wilde plays a stripper, with tattoo’s on her neck and jokes about abortion and hugh Jackman plays the strong steady type — the one that may have gotten away. I’ll say this though, it looks fun and laid back and I’ll check it out eventually. Most likely on VOD, if I can’t get an advanced screening ticket, but hey it looks humorous.


Butter Trailer


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