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Captain America The Winter Soldier

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/16/2012

Captain America The Winter SoldierCaptain America The Winter Soldier premiere date is set for April 4, 2014

News on Captain America The Winter Soldier – Filming, Casting, Directors, Plot, and Premiere

Captain America The Winter Soldier is going to deal with the direct aftermath of the Avengers movie on Earth as opposed to Thor 2 which will take place post Avengers on Asgard.

Thor 2 The Dark World


Chris Evans will of course return as Captain America. Samuel L. Jackson will continue as Nick Fury. Anthony Mackie was just announced as playing Falcon, Captain Americas side kick. This is just breaking as I type this so information is sparse to say the least. But, Falcon as anyone who follows the comics knows was the first African American superhero in mainstream comic books. He ultimately became an Avenger working with S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Russo Brothers will be directing Captain America The Winter Solider. There really is not a lot of information on this movie yet. It is rumored to be ready to begin filming around the time that Thor 2 is complete. will update you with additional information about Captain America The Winter Soldier as it becomes available.

The Premiere Date for Captain America The Winter Soldier is April 4, 2014.


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