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Carson Daly Talks The Voice Season 3 Changes and Emmy Nod

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/22/2012

carson daly talks the voice

The Voice: Carson Daly Talks Season 3 Changes and Emmy Nomination



Here’s an interview that Carson Daly did with TVLine’s Michael Slezak. In the interview, Daly shares his thoughts on The Voice being nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Reality-Competition Program category and receiving an Emmy nomination of his own in the Reality-Competition hosting category. He also talks about the blind auditions for season three as well as the changes that have been made to the Battle Rounds and the live rounds. Carson Daly also talks about the feud between Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine, as well as the fact that neither of the winners for the first two seasons have had major radio success. Here’s an excerpt from the interview where Carson Daly addresses the feud between Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine:


99 PROBLEMS BUT A CONTINUING XTINA/ADAM FEUD AIN’T ONE | Daly is the first to admit Season 2 ended with palpable tension between Aguilera and Levine — whose finale-night tiff over contestant Tony Lucca’s Jay-Z cover created oodles of tabloid chatter. “You could see it. You could feel it. I’m not gonna lie to you, and you’d read into my bulls–t if I told you that there wasn’t any,” he says. Nevertheless, after a rumored truce at the Season 2 wrap party, the duo’s on-set relationship during the recently filmed blind auditions was very cordial, Daly reports. “I didn’t know what to expect in frame one of Season 3. I was curious to know if the first time they had an exchange, would you be able to feel any resentment, but it just wasn’t there. It’s better. It’s like they went to couples therapy,” he says.


Daly continues that while no one can be sure whether or not Aguilera and Levine will “go back at it in the live shows,” he’s of the mindset that serious discord isn’t good for the show — no matter how much press it generates. “There’s fun bickering, like when your husband misses the turn in the car, and you say ‘Why don’t you stop and get directions?!’ That’s fine,” Daly offers. “But when there’s trouble in your marriage, that’s not the business of chemistry we want to be in.” To that end, “you’ll never see on The Voice a promo with a flashing ambulance because somebody fell backstage,” Daly insists. “We don’t produce our show that way. We’re not trying to capitalize on any headlines of that nature, and we haven’t really needed to thus far.”


The Voice

My thoughts: I’m really glad that they’ve made some changes to the Battle Rounds because they were definitely my least favorite part of the first two seasons. I’m really hoping the fact that Blake Shelton’s contestant, Jermaine Paul, won The Voice last season will knock Adam Levine down a peg or two in season 3, because the fact that Adam Levine was constantly bragging last season about Javier Colon winning the first season of The Voice annoyed the hell out of me. I get that he was proud and excited about Javier winning since he was on his team, but I feel like Adam went way too overboard bragging about it, especially since Javier wasn’t doing all that well on the charts.


I’m sure that Blake is excited and proud of Jermaine Paul for winning, and he’ll more than likely brag about it next season. After all, he bragged about Dia Frampton being the runner-up for season 1 and he also bragged a little about Xenia getting a record deal, but at least he didn’t go overboard when he talked about it. When Blake bragged about Dia and Xenia’s success, it came from a sense of pride, but whenever Adam bragged about Javier winning it seemed to come more from a sense of arrogance, rather than expressing pride for Javier’s accomplishments. It will definitely be interesting to see how Adam and Blake act next season now that Adam isn’t the only coach on The Voice to have a member of their team win The Voice.

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