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Castle 5×07 Swan Song Sneak Peek Clips

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/08/2012

Castle 5x07 Swan Song Sneak Peek ClipsCastle 5×07 Swan Song Sneak Peek Clips



Here’s the new Abc, hd promo and synopsis for the next episode of Castle. Episode 5×07 of Castle is titled, ‘Swan Song.’


In Castle, 5×07 ‘Swan Song,’ When the lead guitarist of a rock band is murdered, the documentary crew that were following the band turn their cameras on Castle, Beckett and the team as they try to solve the case. The result is a documentary style episode of “Castle,” which offers us a unique glimpse at our characters as they navigate a world that goes far beyond the rock & roll stage.


Castle returns with 5×07, ‘Swan Song,’ on Monday, November 12, 2012 at 10pm on ABC.



Castle 5×07 Swan Song Sneak Peek Clips


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