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Castle 5×08: After Hours: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/20/2012

Castle 5×08: After Hours: Recap and Review



Castle 5×08: “After Hours” Castle and Beckett must go on the run with a murder witness they’re protecting from the mob. Because they have to move quickly they find themselves stranded, unarmed and without their cell phones.

Castle 5×08 opens on a darkened scene, a man in priests collar is calling out “Hello! Is anybody there? Hello, I came like you asked! Hello?” Suddenly a gun is seen and a shot is fired.

At Castle’s home his mother Martha is serving “Death by chocolate.” Kate Beckett and her father Jim, a lawyer, are having dinner with Castle and his mother. Martha says that she never had much time for cooking, using all of her creative energy for acting. She asks Jim about his work and if he ever does anything for fun. He mentions Baseball, which Martha thinks is boring. Soon the two are sniping, she says he is too serious and he says that actors, by nature, are not serious. Beckett and Castle try to diffuse the situation but their parents are paying no attention.

Castle makes a comment that “Death” sounds good about now. Kate’s phone rings and she says they have a murder, Castle says “Close enough.” And the two make their apologies, they have to run.

On the way to the crime scene, Kate says she would have liked if Castle could have stopped his mother, but he defends the situation; their parents are from different worlds. On the scene Bryan says that Kate didn’t have to get dressed up, he comments on her lipstick. The couple admits to date night with “Her dad, my mom…” to which the detective says “Already?”

The victim is identified as Father Joel McMurtrey; he took three shots to the chest. The assailant stayed out of the cameras, letting the detectives know this was a professional job. Castle comments on a “Vatican Conspiracy” while Kate scoffs that this isn’t “The Da Vinci Code.”

The two leads that follow are a bartender, Jerry Jenkins, who said a customer saw a man in the area with a gun, for Beckett and Castle. The other two detectives, Ryan and Esposito, will interview the Nun. Ryan doesn’t like the idea.

The bartender tells Kate and Castle that Leo said he heard shots fired on the corner of Fifth and saw a man leaving. He got so drunk that the bartender sent him home in a cab.

As Sister Mary enters the precinct Esposito and his partner are debating over which was worse, Catholic school or combat. Sister Mary talks about the priest saying that he was too trusting; she knows who murdered him. Michael Dolan grew up with McMurtrey and they had a terrible fight two days ago. “Last night at 6:00 the father got a call and left in the middle of Mass.” The call was about Dolan.

Castle and Beckett argue about their parents as they approach Leo’s apartment. Suddenly they are jumped by two armed men. They are told to drop their wallets and phones. Kate tells them she is a detective and they’re making a big mistake. Leo opens his door and Castle is able to get himself and Kate away from the gunman. He closes the door and Kate goes for Leo’s phone but the line has been cut. In the meantime the two thugs are trying to break down the door to get to Leo.

“What do they want with me?” Leo asks.

“The guy you saw holding the gun? He killed someone and you’re the witness.” Kate says.

Leo says that it was dark, he has no idea who the guy was, could never identify him. He frets about floating in the river in cement shoes.

“Technically, if you have cement shoes on, you’re not floating.” Castle corrects him.

Castle, Beckett and Leo get out of the building and find the car is missing. Leo says they should have never left the car parked in this neighborhood. They are now on the run, on foot, no guns, no phones, no money and no identification.

Castle 5×12 Look Ahead Spoilers

Back at the precinct the detectives view camera footage that shows Father McMurtrey arguing with Mickey Dolan, backing up the Nun’s story.

Dolan is an enforcer for The O’Reilly Family. The organized crime taskforce doesn’t know where he is, say he dropped off their radar a few days ago. It is speculated that he may have gone underground due to a turf war.

When they believe they are in the clear, Castle tries to use a payphone; he can’t believe the phone takes a dollar. Kate says you don’t need money to call 9-1-1, but then they see the phone is broken. They are on the run again, looking to borrow someone’s phone. Leo says no one is on the street at this time of night unless they have a death wish. He says he doesn’t know how to deal with the situation, he’s a paper salesman.

Back at the precinct they start to realize no one can get in touch with Beckett and Castle. The GPS in Kate’s car shows her on the freeway. Castle’s mother hasn’t heard from him and Beckett’s not answering her phone.

On the street Castle is pushing a buzzer on an apartment building over and over. Finally a man throws a bear bottle at them from an upstairs window. Castle tells him to call the police, even threatens to keep pressing the buzzer until he does. The man says he won’t call the police, he’ll just come downstairs… Beckett and Leo urge Castle away; his idea isn’t working.

Beckett breaks a car window, setting off the alarm. Castle asks her what she’s doing and she holds up a cell phone. It turns out to be password protected and the men who are after them appear in a van turning the corner. The three are on the run again.

Officers show up at Leo’s apartment, find it a wreck, and call the precinct “Ryan – We’ve got a problem.”

Kate hangs upside down from their hiding place on a playground. She sees the car is still trolling the streets looking for them. Castle tries to decipher the password for the phone, and Beckett calculates the distance to the subway along with the time and schedule. If Castle doesn’t have the phone decoded in ten minutes they will make a break for it and try to make it to the subway.

At the precinct we hear that State troopers caught up with Kate’s car, a couple of delinquents took it out for a joy ride. Martha and Jim show up and ask about their children; they refuse to leave until Castle and Beckett are found. Martha and Jim are directed to wait in the coffee break room.

In the meantime, the only one of Dolan’s men that has been located is Collin Clark; he has plans to leave for Dublin in the morning so officers are sent to bring him in for questioning.

Back at the playground Castle is elated, he has figured out the passcode for the phone. When he tells Leo how he figured it out, Kate interprets. “The password is the cat’s name; but he doesn’t actually know what the cat’s name is.”

The phone rings and the woman calling demands her phone back. Castle tries to convince her to call the police; he tells her where they are. She says she knows, she has GPS on her phone, and she plans to take it from them. Leo mentions the killer while she’s on the phone and she takes the word as a threat. The one thing that Castle does learn is that the cat’s name is Lola, but when he puts the name into the phone it has been disabled.

Beckett sees a cab and they run to catch it. Leo twists his ankle, but Castle tells Kate to go ahead and catch up with the cab driver. The driver says he’s off duty. Castle offers him a thousand dollars to drive them into the city; only he doesn’t have it on him. The cabby drives away, disgusted.

Now the trio is spotted again and takes off running, with Castle helping the injured Leo. They hide out in a storage cellar, but the thugs know they are here somewhere; they aren’t leaving.

Captain Gates interrogates Collin Clarke personally, telling him that he has quite a list of priors. He says she doesn’t have anything she can keep him on; Gates counters that she can keep him long enough to make him miss his flight.

“Where is Mickey Dolan? And what has he done with Detective Beckett and Richard Castle?” the Captain asks Clarke.

“You cops have no idea what Dolan’s really into.” Clarke replies. Gates offers to take him to the airport and personally get him on the plane. She just wants her people back. She learns that there is no O’Reilly Family Feud, after all.

Ryan has the idea that they don’t need to question Clarke any further if they can lip read the video of McMutrey and Dolan arguing.

In their hiding place Beckett finds a menu for a 24 hour Chinese restaurant two blocks away. Castle finds the parts to an old CB radio that he says he will try to get working again. When Leo asks if he knows anything about electronics, Castle says that he watched a lot on MacGyver on television. Beckett reminds him that this isn’t a TV show, this is real life. Leo picks up on the fact that Castle and Beckett are more than partners. He says that he had a therapist and he believes that he can help them if he knows what’s going on.

They tell him about dinner with their parents and he says it’s not about the parents; “This spite, it’s about the two of you.”

Back in the coffee break room Martha gives Jim a cup of coffee. She can tell by the look on his face that he doesn’t like it and she says she’s not good at making coffee. Jim says it’s just that he usually takes it black. “I know, boring; you think I’m boring.” Martha says she doesn’t think he’s boring and baseball is fine. She asks how he does it, with Kate being a detective.

“I thought there’d come a moment when the worry would stop.” Martha says. She tells Jim that Castle feels safe when he’s with Kate; he knows she’s got his back. Jim tells Martha that Kate feels the same way about Castle.

Beckett and Castle discuss their argument; she can’t even remember what it was about. Then she mentions something Richard said earlier, about their parents coming from different worlds. She says that he’s a rich best-selling author and she’s a cop; she wants to know if they are kidding themselves.

Castle explains his statement; their parents may come from different worlds but he doesn’t feel that way about Kate. He finally gets the CB working but the man he hears only picks up static. The microphone must be broken.

Kate wants them to all go to the restaurant together, but Castle convinces her that’s too risky. He says that he should go; they aren’t looking for him. Kate is the cop and therefore should stay with the witness. He says he’ll bring her a doggy bag.

Ryan says that they couldn’t get a lip read on the video, but after Dolan and McMurtrey argued a car pulled up; those aren’t priests in the car, they are federal agents dressed as priests.

Castle finds the restaurant but before he can get inside the thugs pull up and get him into the van with Mickey Dolan.

Kate keeps trying the CB even though the microphone isn’t working. She tells Leo that she’s trying to use the static to send an SOS. Leo talks about her conversation with Castle. Even though Kate says it was personal and none of his business, Leo points out that they’re in a small basement. He tries to offer her advice and she asks “Who are you, Dr. Phil?” Leo says that he’s just a guy who may die tonight and he recommends living life in the now, it makes more sense.

Dolan tells Castle that he doesn’t “smell like NYPD.” He asks where Castle fits in and finds out he’s a mystery writer. He wants to know where the witness is hiding. “Our little story; pretty sure it’s only gonna end one way, with you telling me where that cop has my witness.”

Dolan asks a series of questions, basing his assumptions on Castle’s “poker” face and then sends his men to find Beckett and Leo.

Captain Gates meets with federal agents who tell her they can’t discuss Dolan. She maintains that they are protecting the man that killed their informant; but McMurtrey wasn’t their informant. She ascertains that Dolan is the informant, and then they admit he got away after the priest was shot. They haven’t seen him since. Captain Gates realizes that the O’Reilly’s had McMurtrey killed to draw Dolan out, so they could find him.

Dolan’s men find Kate and Leo and before she knows what is happening Leo has disarmed the men and knocked them out. He turns the gun on Kate. “What are you doing, Leo?” she asks.

“My job” Leo tells her.

“Who are you?” Beckett asks him. “An independent contractor trying to get close to his mark.” Leo explains that he wouldn’t have looked like an innocent witness if he left two bodies lying around.

In the van, Castle accuses Dolan of killing McMurtrey and learns he didn’t do it. “Joey was my best friend. I just need to talk to your witness before you put him into protective custody.” He says they just have to wait for his phone to ring.

Leo makes Kate duct tape the thugs to a pipe, then call Dolan. “Sorry Mickey, maybe you should have sent more guys.” Beckett says over the phone. Dolan tells her he’ll give her writer back if she delivers the witness. Kate asks to talk to Castle.

Kate tells Castle that when this is all over they can take their parents to a baseball game; something they all would enjoy. Then she sets up the meeting with Dolan.

As Kate walks with Leo he tells her that he really did see a psychiatrist, until he was diagnosed as a sociopath with homicidal tendencies, then he had to kill the man. He says that it’s a shame she and Castle won’t have time to work things out.

Leo sees Dolan’s van and fires the entire clip into the vehicle. Then he hears Dolan’s voice. “Shakespeare figured it out.” Dolan tells Leo, “All I wanted to do was ask you a question about who killed my friend.”

“The O’Reillys will send someone else.” Leo tells Dolan. “You’re a dead man.”

“You know what? I can live with that.” Dolan replies. The police arrive and Kate runs to Castle “I thought I’d lost you.” She says. “Never” Castle replies.

An officer tells Beckett and Castle that they’re going to be tied up awhile and can’t get them back to the city. He says they can take a cab and whistles. A cab miraculously appears. Castle asks in the officer can spot him a twenty.

Back at the precinct the couple is surprised to learn their parents are there. They are hesitant to deal with it. Castle tells Beckett “So what if we don’t make sense on paper; we don’t live on paper.” Then they look up and see that Martha and Jim are getting along like old friends.

“How does that happen?” Beckett asks, incredulously.

“Let’s just go with it.” Castle replies.


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