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Castle 5×10 Significant Others Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/08/2013

Castle 5×10 Significant Others Recap and Review

Castle 5x10 Significant OthersCastle 5×10 Significant Others Synopsis:  Castle and Beckett find there are plenty of suspects when a powerful divorce attorney is murdered. Chaos, tension, humor and awkwardness abound when circumstances bring Castle‘s ex-wife, Meredith, and Beckett to both live at the loft.

Castle 5×10 Guest stars: Darby Stanchfield as Meredith; Jack Wagner as Billy Piper; Nancy Lee Grahn as Samantha Voss.

Castle episode 5×10, “Significant Others,” is not only about Beckett and Castle, but about relationships and how they can be delicious and magical like a soufflé but then can fall flat. And sometimes the magical can turn tragical!

The episode opens with the victim, divorce lawyer to the rich and famous Michelle Twohey, sitting in her car clutching a piece of paper with “R. Garrison, Scarsdale” written on it. She’s waiting for somebody. The legs, of what appears to be a man, comes around the back of the car and gets in the back seat. Michelle looks surprised as she looks in the rear-view mirror. Then blood spurts on the piece of paper from the gouge of an ice pick when the assailant plunges it into the right side of Michelle’s neck.

At Castle’s loft, Alexis has been taken down low with mono thanks to her friend Max! As Castle makes breakfast for Beckett, staying with him while her apartment is fumigated, the doorbell rings and who should appear, not reindeer but Castle’s ex, Meredith, dragging luggage and carrying a pink box of French confections for Alexis. “Hello, Kitten,” coos Meredith to Castle. Alexis couldn’t go to Paris so Meredith brought Paris to her. Beckett gives Castle “the look,” when he invites Meredith to stay there. Becket didn’t expect to share Castle with Meredith in addition to Martha and Alexis. However, Meredith has an ulterior motive. Meredith greets and checks Beckett out!

At the crime scene Beckett grumbles about him inviting Meredith to stay with him, “with us.” He should have sent her to a hotel. Beckett tells him she gave him “the look,” but after four years he doesn’t have a clue what “the look” is. Really? Past episodes seem to differ here. He knows “the look”!

Lanie knows “the look” and asks what’s wrong. Men are clueless, or is it just Castle! Lanie fills her in on the ice pick and paper. Ryan says Garrison isn’t on the vic’s list of contacts. Esposito found a witness who saw a man fleeing the scene and ducking into the nearby subway entrance at 11:45 pm. Ryan got the name of Michelle’s boyfriend, Corey Francis, from her office.

“Corey” says they met magically a month ago and talked to her last over the weekend. They show him a sketch of the man fleeing the area, but he doesn’t recognize him and doesn’t recognize the name “R. Garrison.” Guess you can’t know somebody very well after a month the way you can, or should, after four years!

Esposito and Ryan go all googly eyes over the hot wife at the Garrison address. The house looks like some place Ryan would love to come home to. The wife looks like someone Esposito would love to come home to! R. Garrison, Rob, is her husband, a forensics accountant who was supposed to meet Michelle to go over some financial issues. She seemed frantic to get something resolved quickly. Beckett tells Esposito and Ryan to check out Michelle’s office to see if the husband’s of any of her clients threatened her. “Men are known to do stupid things when it comes to their ex-wives.” Castle overhears her remark and knows it’s aimed at him, even if she doesn’t realize he’s behind her! Castle apologizes for the Meredith thing and says he’ll take care of it.

Lanie tells Beckett SHE needs to take care of it. “It’s Meredith we’re talking about. The deep-fried Twinkie that Castle has ex-sex with whenever she rolls into town. It’s about boundaries. Meredith is marking her territory. You can’t just let her waltz in and out whenever she pleases. This is a war, and guess who’s losing?” Beckett tries to excuse Castle because Alexis is sick, but Lanie doesn’t buy it. Ulterior motive thy name is Meredith! Back to the case, Lanie found somebody else’s blood on a jacket button and is running DNA on it.

So sounds like all the significant others surrounding Beckett and Castle know about their relationship, but does Gates know? And when she finds out, what will happen? Anyway, …

At the Board, Ryan reveals pictures of her clients. “Introducing the wealthy men of Manhattan!” says Ryan. Michelle represented all their wives in their divorces. Maybe one of them hired a hit man. Esposito comes in with a picture of Herman Poquille, a possible suspect that used Michelle’s credit card.

She had hired Poquille as a photographer, on cheating husbands and wives, and wanted him for a big case she was working on. They were supposed to meet near the subway station, but when he got there she was dead and he didn’t want to get mixed up in a murder so he ran. The texts on his phone confirm he’s telling the truth. They watch a video she sent him saying “a life hangs in the balance.”  “So what the hell did she need a photo of,” asks Ryan.

Castle goes to ask Meredith to leave, but she gushes about how wonderful it is that he offered to let her stay there. She stirs her soup (a wicked brew!). How wonderful to see how secure he and Beckett are in their relationship. Most women would take issue about an ex-wife staying with her boyfriend, “but not Kate Beckett! She gets it!” “Yeah, she gets it,” he says. He can’t get a word in the clichéd edgewise as an onslaught of crocodile tears flow from her eyes about how she hasn’t been a very good mother. In Alexis’ hour of need she’ll never forget how he let her stay there. Finally she takes a bowl of soup and smiles sweetly at him, sans tears, as she heads to Alexis’ room. What a wimp!


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Beckett gives Castle another “look” when she finds out Castle hasn’t “taken care of it yet.”

Ryan suggests an ex-wife and not an ex-husband killed Michelle. “Troublesome ex-wife! Imagine that,” smirks Beckett. Samantha Voss’ blood was on the jacket button Lanie checked. She was arrested in LA on a DUI, so her DNA was in the system. While in court she went into a tirade and accused Michelle of “screwing up her case.”

Beckett and Castle watch as angry Samantha smashes and slashes her ex’s possessions. She says she was angry and cut her hand on Michelle’s jacket’s metal button, but she didn’t kill her. She slashes a Zarzinni painting, breaks a platter that “really tied the set together,” knocks over a glass sculpture. She was at a charity auction, which she chairs, until 2 am, so she alibis out. Michelle, distracted for the past two months with personal problems, was crying in court yesterday, but Samantha wasn’t her “BFF” so she really didn’t care. Her now ex, Walter, comes in and sees what she’s doing, so he picks up a vase that belongs to her and smashes it, then they threaten each other with additional smashes. “The next person to break anything goes to jail,” says Beckett, so they’re both arrested.

Ryan and Esposito watch the Voss back-biting and ask Castle if his divorces were like that. “No, they were amicable,” he says. “A little too amicable,” snarks Beckett. After Beckett leaves, Ryan and Esposito want to know why Beckett made the snarky remark. Castle tells them about Meredith and Alexis and Beckett in the loft. They tell him it’s like throwing gasoline on fireworks. He’s on the edge of a very, very steep cliff. If he doesn’t do something about it quick… (i.e. over the edge without a safety net)

They discover Michelle may have been crying because she went to breakfast that morning with Corey. Caught in a lie he is! Now Corey has disappeared. Cell phone disconnected, address and name bogus. Like a ghost. Castle remembers a class ring. University of New York. Wouldn’t he pick a better school that UNY if he were undercover? Turns out Esposito graduated from there, so he gives Castle “the look”! Beckett says they can ID him by looking at year books.

Castle books a Four Seasons suite with champagne and strawberries. He says his loft is overrun by red heads so they could both get away. Beckett says, “No on the Four Seasons.” Meredith should go there. But Castle tried and it would be heartless to send her to a hotel in Alexis’ hour of need. “Really, Castle? Cause you just tried sending me to one,” she comes back at him. “Button up, Kitten! We’re going home!” Mi casa, su casa!

The next morning as Beckett makes coffee for two in a French press, Meredith comes down in a t-shirt and panties and grabs the cup meant for Castle. She gives Meredith “the look” as Castle comes down. Meredith gives him the cup, pretending she made the coffee and not Beckett. Turns out there’s nutmeg in it. (Not sure how it got in there.) Seems she always used to put nutmeg in his coffee when he pulled an all-nighter to give him an extra little kick! When offered some nutmeg Beckett says she’s had “enough kick for one morning” and leaves for work.

At the precinct, Beckett says Meredith is too comfortable in his loft. Castle says the coffee thing meant nothing. Why should Beckett be upset when Meredith knows so much more about him than she does. Ouch! He offers to send Alexis and Meredith to the Four Seasons and hire a concierge doctor. Beckett lashes back, “I’m a big girl. I can be in the same place as your ex-wife. Being subjected to her parading around half-naked.” While they’re “discussing” the half-naked ex, Beckett discovers “Corey” is really Noah Kesswood, former officer in the Army’s Intelligence Core. Ryan has discovered large wire transfers to Noah made from a local law firm of Colin Schuster. Maybe he was spying on Michelle, or hired by somebody to kill her.

Esposito and Ryan question Schuster near a hot dog vendor, but he’s only interested in the hot dog he just bought. “Fine dining is a New York hot dog,” he says. He tells them that when they ask who his client is that authorized the wire transfer he’s going to invoke attorney/client privilege, so “kindly go screw yourselves, and have a hot dog, boys. They’re delicious.”

Turns out Schuster represented Billy Piper, famous ex-pro golfer whose wife “fell” off his boat and was “presumed” drowned, although her body was never found. The “dead” wife was Michelle’s client and she had reopened the case a month ago. Did Billy have her killed?

Billy denies knowing her, “Michelle Whoey?!?” Odd he doesn’t remember his wife’s divorce lawyer or the fact that she visited him a month ago and now she’s dead. Castle accuses Piper of hiring Noah to spy on her. Leanne filed for divorce and Billy fought her on it because to him “marriage is sacred.” On the boat, instead of recapturing their magic, she got drunk and fell into the ocean. He’s the victim. He lost his endorsements, his status, his own family wants nothing to do with him. Castle points out that his wife wasn’t on his list. “Well,” he says, “she never was my favorite trophy.”

Back at the precinct, Meredith phones Beckett and invites her to dinner, which she accepts. If she had said no it would have made her look insecure. After Beckett walks away Esposito and Ryan tell Castle the situation is now much worse cause Meredith can tell Beckett things about him. His two worlds are colliding. He runs out to try and persuade Beckett not to have dinner with Meredith, but she’s excited to compare notes with his ex.

They need Noah to turn on Billy and confess Billy arranged for Michelle’s death. They track Noah down by finding out his license plate on a valet camera where Noah lived. Esposito and Ryan see Noah on the street and chase him, guns drawn, and arrest him. Turns out he’s a DEA agent. Billy was paranoid when Michelle asked questions and pulled DEA records and wanted to find out what she knew. Michelle was getting close to the truth of what happened on the boat. Noah’s alibi checks out. Beckett agrees to hold him for 24 hours, after which he intends to disappear completely.

Castle paces the floor. Martha tries to get him to relax. “My worlds are colliding,” he mourns.  Martha tells him he shouldn’t have let Meredith stay there, “This isn’t a flop house. You gotta stop freeloaders from just living here.” “Just tell me you see the irony,” he asks his freeloading mother. He practically jumps out of his skin when Beckett and Meredith return. He stammers and stutters. “Castle, you’re not the man that I thought I knew,” Beckett tells him. Meredith says he stammers and stutters when he’s stressed. Meredith and Beckett hug and go to their separate bedrooms. Castle follows Beckett and wants to know what Meredith said about him. He apologizes profusely again. Although it would be fun to keep torturing him, Beckett hugs him and tells him she “likes him a little bit better now.” As much as she now likes Meredith, she makes him promise to never let her stay there ever again. He agrees. She gets a call from Ryan telling them to get down to the precinct right away.

At the precinct they view pictures of two boats on the night of Leanne’s death. Billy Piper’s boat and Walter Voss’ boat. They belonged to the same yacht club and knew each other. On the morning of Michelle’s murder Walter made a 20 minute call to the Garrison residence. They look at pictures of Leanne and Garrison’s wife. They’re the same woman.

When Garrison’s wife comes in she says she doesn’t know the woman in the picture. Beckett takes the coffee cup Garrison was drinking from and tells her they’re going to check prints. You can change your name and looks, but not your fingerprints. Her husband already ID’d the ice pick murder weapon from their home. She admits she drugged Billy and then slipped onto Voss’ boat. She was going to just disappear, leave the country, but then she fell in love with Rob Garrison. Michelle found out and told her that she couldn’t live with the injustice of her charade. Michelle knew Billy was a hero on the golf course, but a monster at home but she refused to let her live the life she had chosen with Rob.

At the loft, Castle tells Beckett she doesn’t have to leave just because she can go to her apartment. Beckett asks him if he really wants her there or does he need protection from the red heads. “A little of both,” he admits. She tells him that if it gets to be too much he can come and stay at her place.

Meredith is also ready to leave. Alexis encourages her to go to Paris without her. He asks Alexis if she’s sure, but Martha, behind Alexis and Meredith keeps motioning to him to shut up and let her go already.

Beckett tells Meredith she thought she had a secret agenda by staying there. Meredith admits she did. When Alexis told her how serious their relationship was she had to check it out for herself. “You two are great together,” she says. Then Beckett asks the $20 million dollar question. “Why didn’t it work out between you and Rick?”

Meredith tells her it was great, full of romance and excitement, like a deliciously sweet soufflé. Then one day she realized he knew everything about her to fill a million novels, but she didn’t know enough about him to even fill a pamphlet. Whenever she asked him anything serious, like about never knowing his father, he would smirk his little smirk, throw out a quip, and change the subject. It was always one way. Soufflés are wonderful, but sooner or later they always fall. But that was 15 years ago. He’s a totally different man now. “Of course,” says Beckett, “I was just curious.” As Meredith leaves they say they hope to see each other again. After she’s gone, Castle tells Beckett he’s going to whip her up some breakfast. As he goes to the kitchen, Beckett becomes pensive and ponders Meredith’s soufflé assessment. Has he really changed? Or is he still the same man he was 15 years ago?

And after four years together, when will they stop calling each other Beckett and Castle in private? Or is this Castle’s way of keeping that novelistic distance of observation and protection and Beckett’s way of keeping it continually on a protective professional distance. Ulterior motives of significant others. Also known as life!

As for Castle’s father …  show runner Andrew Marlowe says nothing has been decided yet about a “father” episode / arc, but wouldn’t it be great to cast Robert Foxworth as his father? He and Susan Sullivan (Martha) were husband and wife on FALCON CREST years ago. What fun to have them back together again!


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