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Castle 5×11 Under the Influence Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/15/2013

Castle 5×11 Under the Influence Recap and Review

Castle 5x11 Under the InfluenceCastle 5×11 Under the Influence Synopsis:  Beckett and Castle‘s investigation into the death of an up and coming DJ forces them to deal with the rough world of the music industry. As the investigation proceeds, Esposito takes a problematic teenager under his wing.

Castle 5×11 Guest stars: Taylor Cole as Regina Cane; Michael Irby as Shane Winters; Briana Barran as Holly Rhodes (DJ); Geno Monteiro as Tyrese Wilton; Nadji Anthony Jeter as Joey.

Castle 5×11, “Under the Influence,” features Jon Huertas, Javier Esposito, as he interacts with Nadji Anthony Jeter as the young felon Joey, who’s going down the wrong path in life, just like he, Esposito, did years ago before a teacher intervened in his life and helped him make a difference choice in life. Castle and Beckett keep a low profile in this episode.

The episode opens as pop star Regina descends the stairs at her paparazzi thick launch party for her latest album. The DJ, DJ Beat who’s real name is Holly Rhodes, puts a thumb drive into the sounds system and takes off. We see a figure in a hoodie weaving their way through the crowd. A fan comes up for Regina’s autograph and tells her she’s been a fan since she was a kid. Ouch! Regina grimaces as she gives the unknowingly cruel fan her autograph. Regina’s young rival, Josie, is also at the party because she also has a new album coming out at the same time as Regina’s.

At the crime scene, Castle and Beckett are arguing about losing a turn if you pick a bad movie for Valentine’s Day. Esposito agrees with Castle, which annoys Beckett.

The gunshot victim turns out to be Holly “DJ Beat” Rhodes, who was the DJ at Regina’s party. Lanie pinpoints the time of death at around 11:00, and it looks like she was killed somewhere else and her body was just dumped in the dumpster here. Since her last gig was at Regina’s, they head on over to…

Regina’s house, where Beckett steps over a body in the doorway after which they make their way upstairs where Regina is in bed with a fancy night mask covering her party bleary eyes. She tells them that “bitch” (i.e., Holly aka “DJ”) ruined her party by plugging in the music and walking out. Because of this Regina wasn’t able to perform her song. Beckett asks for the usual list of suspects, I mean guests. Regina tells her she’ll have her publicist send it over to them. Then she slaps her fancy night mask back over her eyes and lays back down. In other words, they’re rudely dismissed.

At the precinct, Ryan and Esposito confirm that “DJ” was observed leaving the party. Also, it turns out Holly has a record. She started with burglary and ended with grand theft auto. No next of kin to notify. She started straightening her life out when she decided to pursue her DJ career. Holly’s neighbors mentioned there was a guy beating on Holly’s door and threatening her the other night. The number that was inked on Holly’s cold, dead hand belongs to Tyrese Wilton, a record producer, who was also on Regina’s guest list.

At the morgue, Lanie says Holly was killed with a 380 near a Chinese restaurant based on oils and food on her clothing and the tarp that she was wrapped in. However, there was no Chinese food in her stomach. It’s later revealed that there’s a Chinese restaurant near Tyrese’s music studio. Means, motive, and opportunity? Lanie also found some synthetic fibers on her body that didn’t come from the dumpster.

At Tyrese’s studio, Esposito asks Ryan if he just ran his fingers through his hair. “You always do that whenever you’re going to meet a celebrity.” Once they get inside, Ryan pulls Josie aside and “questions” her while Esposito questions Tyrese. Tyrese tells Esposito he wrote the number on Holly’s hand because he wanted to work with her because she did amazing things with music mixes that nobody else did. But he just so happens to know that Holly had a fight with some guy named MC Thug, who had grabbed her wrist and told her, “the next time things will end differently.”

As Esposito leaves Tyrese to join Ryan, he sees that Ryan has gotten Josie’s autograph for his wife. Ryan probably didn’t get too many other “questions” answered, but Tyrese furthered the investigation.

Back at the Board, the sketch witnesses gave of the man pounding on Holly’s door matches MC Thug, who’s real name is Darius.

Darius waits impatiently, strumming his fingers on the table, when Beckett and Castle come in to question him. He tells Beckett that only his mother calls him Darius and with a body like that Beckett is definitely not his mother! Beckett wants to know why he was added to the guest list at the last minute. He tells her that he’s a Regina fan, which isn’t a crime. But he also wanted to confront Holly about stealing his girlfriend’s diamond bracelet. After a party she and her assistant was at the bracelet turned up missing, so he told Holly she had one day to cough it up or else. They just have to check with Holly’s assistant. He asks Beckett if she’s going to hold him. It would really help his “street cred,” and he brought his own lighting guy if they plan to shoot a mug shot of him! Talk about prepared!


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Esposito confirms Darius’ alibi so cross him off the list. Ryan says at every party Holly did there was some type of theft, as much as up to $500k. She always works with an assistant named Paul, who is angry when they bring him in for questioning. When they ask him why he didn’t break down the equipment at the end of Regina’s party he tells them it was because he wasn’t there. Sometimes Holly used her cousin or somebody, and last night was one of those nights. However he didn’t mind because she paid him anyway. When they compare the dates of the gigs with thefts it turns out those were the nights she used her cousin.

When they search Holly’s apartment they don’t find any stolen goods or any large deposits in her bank books. Castle suggests looking for prints on the equipment from last night to see if they can find the “cousin” that Holly used when the thefts occurred. Looks like she spins and he steals.

They identify the “cousin” as Joey “The Monster” Malone. Castle fantasizes that it’s some bad ass dude, but it turns out he’s just a kid. “More like Cookie Monster,” observes Castle when they see the 14-year old boy sitting in the interrogation cell.

Based on his juvie record, Joey’s not related to Holly. Both his parents are dead. His dad OD’d and his mom killer herself when she couldn’t take it anymore. He’s been living with his uncle and has done breaking and entering stuff. When Beckett enters he tells her she’s a “major hottie,” but she just wants to ask him some questions. He informs her that she needs his guardian’s permission. She tells him she’s working on it. Every question Beckett asks him he responds that he doesn’t know. Beckett points out that every time he worked with Holly something was stolen. Just a coincidence? She thinks not. She accuses him of killing Holly when Holly found out about his thefts. He’s surprised to find out she’s dead and tells Beckett he was at an arcade called “TV King” and then he shuts up. Ryan checks out “TV King” and the manager confirms Joey was there at the time Holly was killed. Another suspect crossed off the list.

Esposito wants a crack at Joey. Turns out he sees a little of his younger self in Joey and wants to help him turn his life around. When he goes into the interrogation room he tells Joey that he knows he’s protecting the person behind the thefts, who may also be the person who killed Holly. Joey thinks he’s playing good cop and will make a lot of promises that he’ll never keep. “I always keep my promises,” Esposito tells him. He shows Joey photos of Holly’s dead body and tells him he doesn’t want him to end up like Holly. The person who killed her could kill him next, to get rid of a loose end. Joey tells him that the man won’t hurt him, but refuses to rat him out.

Beckett is talking to Joey’s case worker when Esposito joins her. She doesn’t think Joey is capable of murder, but since his uncle isn’t the best caregiver in the world she says the option is to either charge and arrest him or she can put him in a temporary foster home. Esposito is disgruntled at the options and tells them he’ll take charge of Joey. He can keep him safe. The case workers offers to “lose the papers” for one night only.

Once they get to Esposito’s place, Joey says it’s not the greatest and he’d rather be with Beckett, although this was never an option. Esposito tells him that his dad ran off, too. This is where he tells Esposito that his dad OD’d and his mom killed herself. Although he knows Esposito didn’t have to, he thanks him for letting him stay there. Esposito goes to get a blanket and pillow as he tells Joey about a video game he has that they can play together, but when he returns to the living room with the blanket and pillow Joey has escaped out the window.

The next day Esposito and Joey come in handcuffed to each other after a merry chase out the window and on a skateboard, among other things. Esposito handcuffs Joey to a chair. Ryan reveals that the fibers Lanie found are from a high end X5 sports car. Beckett brings Joey juvie records in and tells him they’re looking for the person he was working with. Joey averts her gaze.

As they review the records of Joey and Holly, it turns out Shane Winters bailed both of them out at one time or another, and Shane has a long criminal record.  He also drives an X5. Problem is he has no known last address. Esposito grabs Joey and asks for info on Shane, but Joey’s not giving up any info. Esposito tells him that Shane will just get rid of him and get another lost kid, but Joey still clams up. Easy dialogue when your character refuses to talk.

Beckett puts out a “BOLO” on the X5. I wasn’t familiar with this term, so discovered that it means “Be On the LookOut for.” Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t know this. They get a tip on Shane’s car and Esposito goes to the bar where it’s located. The bartender asks what he’d like to drink but he ignores her. When Shane’s bodyguard confronts him Esposito asks for a bag of ice, then he knees the guy in the groin. Ouch, ouch, and ouch! Esposito tosses handcuffs on the table in front of Shane and tells him he can put them on or go ahead and resist arrest. He’s hoping he’ll do the later, but he does the former.

Esposito and Ryan ask Shane why he bailed Holly out and when he saw her last. They accuse him of killing her three nights ago because she knew too much. They can prove Holly was in the trunk of his X5 because they can check the fibers found on her body with the fibers in the trunk. When they tell him they’re in the process of picking up the car he smugly leans back and says they won’t be able to prove anything because he accidently lit the X5 on fire with the cigarette lighter. There’s nothing left of it but ashes. He asks for a lawyer. Esposito asks for a minute alone with him. When Ryan leaves, Esposito closes the blinds.

After Esposito is done with Shane, he goes back to Joey and shows him a tape of him and Shane. By warning Shane Joey is helping him get away with murder, but Shane is pinning everything on him. While Joey may be loyal to Shane, Shane could care less about Joey. On the tape when Esposito told Shane that the DA wants to pin the thefts on Joey and try him as an adult, all Shane says is,”If the kid did the crime, he’s gotta do the time.” Joey confesses that even though he did the thefts, Shane wanted him to steal Tyrese’s phone at the party. The phone heist went bad and Holly confronted him and wanted him to give the phone back, but he had already given it to Shane. When they check the bar the patrons confirm that Shane was there at the time Holly was killed. Another suspect crossed off the list.

Castle wonders why Shane wanted Tyrese’s phone instead of all the jewelry that was probably at Regina’s party. And why didn’t Tyrese mention that his phone had been stolen? Leave it to Castle to always ask the key questions! And he’s “ruggedly handsome” too!

When Ryan and Esposito go to Tyrese’s studio again they find blood splatter behind a dumpster and notice there’s a Chinese restaurant right next to the studio. So this must be the place where Holly was murder.

When Ryan and Esposito ask Tyrese why Holly was there he confirms that he was at the launch party until 1:00. The reason he didn’t report his phone stolen is because it showed up about an hour later in the bathroom. They ask him what could have been on there that was so valuable. He doesn’t think there was anything, but then remembers that it had the eKey for his studio. But nothing in his studio was stolen. Then he checks his files and sees the files for Josie’s new album was accessed at 11:45 that night. About the same time Holly was killed. The files would destroy the release of the album and they would lose millions.

Castle theorizes that the key (eKey pun) was the phone. Whoever downloaded the album was able to then return the phone back to the party before it ended. And guess who could have benefited the most from Josie’s album being leaked to the Internet? Three guesses, first two don’t count!

Beckett and Castle have their man (I mean woman) when they come to confront Regina, who is rehearsing some dance moves.  Both albums are coming out next week and she knew Josie’s album would crush hers. After all, she’s past her prime when people tell her they’ve been fans since they were kids! After Shane stole the phone and gave her the information to get into the studio, Holly caught her there and after they struggled Regina shot Holly. They found the secret email account where Regina arranged for a hacker to release Josie’s album.

But we’re not done with Esposito yet! He goes to Shane’s bar and pulls out two guns and rests them on the table. One looks like a snubbed nose revolver and the other looks like an automatic. He points to the revolver and tells Shane that’s Shane’s. He points to the automatic and tells him that’s his. If Shane ever comes near another street kid, Esposito will find him and they’ll draw on each other and Esposito will shoot him in self-defense. Clear? Clear. Shane gets the message.

Lastly, Esposito drops Joey off at his uncle’s and in the car he shows him his (Esposito’s) juvie records. He tells him that a teacher helped straighten him out. He tells Joey he’s going to call his school every day to make sure he’s there. He gives Joey his card and tells him to call him anytime, day or night. And we know he means it, because he always keeps his promises!

And let’s raise a glass or two to Castle, winner of two People’s Choice Awards for Favorite TV Crime Drama and Favorite Dramatic TV Actor, Nathan Fillion!


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