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Castle 5×12 Death Gone Crazy Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/22/2013

Castle 5×12 Death Gone Crazy Recap and Review

Castle 5x12 Death Gone Crazy Castle 5×12 Death Gone Crazy Synopsis:  When the founder of the “College Girls Gone Crazy” franchise turns up murdered, Castle and Beckett find more suspects among the fathers of the ladies in the videos than the judge can shake a gavel at.


Castle 5×12 Guest stars: Kelly Hu as Scarlet Jones, Jordan Belfi as Beau Randolph, Chad Donella as Troy Strickland, Spencer Garrett as Evan Pierce.


Castle 5×12, “Death Gone Crazy,” starts with “Voices of Decency” protestors protesting outside a club where Beau Randolph welcomes everybody to a “College Girls Gone Crazy” celebration. The protestors call him “a loser” and “scum” among other nasties. Inside he looks pensive as the bartender asks if he wants a drink. “Not tonight. I’m working,” he says. “Maybe next time,” the bartender says. “I don’t think there’s going to be a next time,” he says.


Castle, searching for himself on Google, discovers Alexis has started a video blog. Although Martha thinks it’s “charming,” Castle is concerned that she’s sharing personal information all over the web for anybody to see. Alexis is talking about her “skate date” on the video blog. Saved by the cell, as Beckett calls with a murder. Guess who?


At the murder scene, Beckett isn’t sympathetic with Castle about Alexis. At least she’s not in one of those “College Girls Gone Crazy” videos! Castle finds it interesting that their victim is the “College Girls Gone Crazy” guy and was strangled by a bra, 36D, in the women’s restroom about 11:55. It’s a pricey bra, about $200 to $250 informs Lanie, so Ryan checks to find out where it may have been sold. Since the celebration was videotaped, Castle suggests they review it to see who the guests were.


Their first suspect is Beau’s bodyguard. No surprise that she’s female. Not much of a bodyguard since her boss is now dead. She tells them she was told to wait by the car and keep a lookout for any trouble. The only potential trouble she saw was his ex, soft porn star Tiffany Shaw, that he had dumped a couple of months ago. She stopped her at the door and told her to leave.


Next they question Beau’s producer, Troy Strickland. He knew Beau for years, and he had a troubled past. He was always looking for something special to make a name for himself. Gary, the chief operating officer of “College Girls Gone Wild,” comes and want’s to know who would kill Beau. He had been getting death threats every day from parents and boyfriends of the girls in his videos, and women who had second thoughts about being in the videos, as well as people like the ones who were protesting outside of the club the night Beau was killed.


Esposito tells Ryan that Tiffany’s reps don’t know where she is and she probably didn’t enter the club after the bodyguard turned her away because she’s not on the videotape of the celebration. The tape shows that Beau appeared to be looking at somebody on the other side of the bar, toward the dance floor or maybe the rest rooms. There was also a girl in pink on the tape, who just happens to be in the station. One of her girl frields dragged her there. She didn’t really want to go. They ask her if she noticed where Beau was walking as he passed her, but she said she never saw him before and didn’t notice him walking past her.


Castle and Beckett discover that Beau’s key card was swiped at the “College Girls Gone Crazy” headquarters about 15 minutes after he died. When they check the security tape they see his bodyguard, Scarlet, opening his safe and taking an SD card.


Ryan and Esposito give Scarlet the once over when she’s brought in. “It’s a shame someone so sexy is going to jail.” Kate and Castle show her the footage of her taking the SD card. She says Beau left the key card in the limo so she took the chance to go to get a sex tape a friend of her’s made with Beau. It would have ruined her friend’s life. She blames Tiffany for killing Beau. She was stalking him. Castle tells her that Tiffany wasn’t in the club that night. Scarlet tells them she left the club before he died. Then she mentions some guy who had attacked him in midtown. Something about a double cross and he would make Beau pay. She broke the guy’s nose and some ribs and “sent him packing.” Esposito finds this “hot”! As Beckett reviews more of the videotape, Esposito tells her that Scarlet has alibied out. Beckett tells Esposito he seems way too happy about the alibi! Currently Scarlet is working with a sketch artist on the guy she beat up. Maybe he turned up in an ER somewhere.


The next suspect is Randolph Armstrong, a morality crusader for “Voices of Decency” who had burned Beau in effigy at one of his recent protests. The same protestors that were at the club when Beau died. Beckett asks him for the names of the protestors at the club the night of the celebration. He refuses to cooperate. She tells him she’ll get a warrant. “Good luck,” he says as he walks out. “Thanks for the coffee.”


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Scarlet finishes with the artist so they now have a sketch of the guy she beat up. After Esposito thanks her for her help he asks her to go for a drink, “Now that you’re not a suspect!”


Alexis walks in as Castle watches the celebration videotape. He quickly pauses the tape. She knows he thinks her video blog is “catnip” for predators, but she’s not like one of those college girls that flashes herself in exchange for tequila shots. Lecture completed, she walks out. Then Castle sees Seth Perinno on the videotape.


Seth Perinno is the guy Scarlet beat up and sent to the ER. Castle thinks that since Seth has priors for racketeering and violence that Perinno is part of the mafia and they tried to snuff him out. When Castle and Beckett go to question him he’s shooting a gay music video with half-naked hot guys dancing to “Jungle Boogie.” He tells them he wanted to partner with Beau on a “College Guys Gone Nuts” project, but he backed out at the last minute. Instead, Beau was going to invest in children’s programming. He wanted to do something more meaningful. Seth tells them he saw Beau fighting with a woman at the club about 11:30. He describes Tiffany.


They check the video again and discover Tiffany was there after all, but in disguise. Esposito can’t get a warrant for her because he’s got a hot date with Scarlet. Ryan reveals that Tiffany owned the bra. When they question her she thanks them for finding her bra, but she’s not too happy when they tell her it’s the murder weapon. But she didn’t kill Beau! They were “soul mates” until he started changing and dumped her. She says he told her she wasn’t the type of person he wanted to be with anymore, but he refused to explain so she had revenge sex with some random guy in the ladies room which is how she lost her bra. “It was club sex.” She doesn’t know his name. She left around 11:45. Her driver can confirm it. She tells them that after Beau started acting weird she had followed Scarlet and saw her pick up a bag of cash in the park. She shows the picture she took of this on her phone.


Ryan reveals that Mindy Norton said the SD card wasn’t a sex tape but something else that was really important and that Scarlet paid her $1K to create a sex tape cover story.


At a bar, Scarlet asks Esposito to come back to her place. As they’re leaving Beckett and Castle arrive “I have a better idea. Let’s go back to my place,” as in the precinct. In interrogation Scarlet insists she didn’t have anything to do with Beau’s death. She didn’t know what was on the SD card but Beau was obsessed and paranoid about it, so she decided to get it when she discovered he left the key card in the limo. She was hired by Little Frog Enterprises, a children’s media company.


When they question Evan Pierce of “Little Frog” he says it’s a wholesome entertainment company for kids, “not smut.” He created it for his grandchildren and other people kids. He was in financial trouble and Beau offered to invest in it. Beau didn’t want “College Girls Gone Crazy” to be his only legacy. “He wanted to do more. He wanted respect.” When Pierce rejected his offer Beau went over his head to the board. He gives them the SD card, which Beau was using to blackmail someone.


The someone is Candice Mayfield, a kindergarten teacher who’s real name is Candice Armstrong. She’s also the girl in pink as well as the daughter of Armstrong who has the “Voices of Decency” protest group. The SD card shows her having sex with Beau. Looks like Beau was blackmailing her to get her dad to back off “College Girls Gone Crazy.” Beau pushed her into a corner and she pushed back.


At home, Alexis is making an ice cream sundae when Castle comes home. He takes the whipped cream can and starts to top off the sundae. She tells him she doesn’t like to argue with him and since she’s 18 she really doesn’t need his permission anymore. Castle explains that the case they’re investigating has shown him that once you put something out there on the Internet it’s out there forever and can affect her entire future. He’s not telling her anything she doesn’t already know. She grew up in “a digital fishbowl.” “I’m careful and smart,” she says. She has to live her life her way she tells him. They share the giant ice cream they helped make together.


Beckett brings Candice back in. The videotape shows she was heading in the same direction as Beau, but she insists she was just heading back onto the dance floor. Beckett tells her they found the SD card showing her having sex with Beau. She begs Beckett not to tell her father. “I need you to meet me halfway,” says Beckett. Beckett accuses her of killing Beau. If she confesses she can put in a good word with the DA on her behalf. Candice asks to see an attorney.


Beckett issues a warrant to search Candice’s place for proof of a blackmail. Her Dad storms in and demands to see her, but Beckett tells him she’s a “person of interest” in Beau Randolph’s murder. Beckett and Castle take him into a more private room to ask him if he knows if there’s any connection between his daughter and Beau. He says his daughter wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like that or with somebody like Beau. “Actually it was Beau that was found dead in that club,” says Castle. Armstrong says he just wanted to stop him making those videos, not hurt him. He wonders if his words and mission could have led her to hurt Beau. “Led her to do something terrible,” he wonders.


Esposito is bummed out and tells Ryan that Scarlett misrepresented herself. But she’s “still hot!”  Ryan discovers an email that Beau sent to Candice setting up a trust fund for somebody named J.D. Mayfield in the amount of $5 million. Candice is pregnant, but why would Beau set up a trust fund for the baby? “Because it’s his kid,” says Esposito.


Candice confirms she met Beau at a bar, but didn’t know who he was. He was nice. After a one-night stand she found out she was pregnant. She thought he’d tell her to get lost, but instead he wanted to be involved with the baby. He wanted to clean up his act. “He was looking for meaning in his life.” Being a father would have given him that meaning. She had told him about two months ago, and told him she didn’t want him around the baby with his reputation. This is when he decided to break up with Tiffany and went to Little Frog. He told her he could change and wanted to convince her of it. He was going to shut down his business. Not sell it, just close everything up. Beckett asked her who else he may have told about his decision.


And we return to Troy. “The show must go on,” says Castle as they come to the studio where Troy is filming some more “College Girls Gone Crazy” scenes. When they accuse him he tells them he was filming all night. They tell him they saw on the footage where the camera was jiggling because it was being held by hand, but then during the 8 minutes during which Beau was killed it became steady because it had been put on a tripod. “Your camera was filming, but you weren’t,” says Castle. “You left it running to give you an alibi,” says Beckett. The video tape shows Beau looking toward someone and then walking toward them. That someone was Troy. They had tested his DNA against DNA found on the murder bra and it was a match. “The party’s over, Troy,” Castle tells him.


Troy snaps and confesses. “He promised I’d take over the business some day,” he says. How could Beau give all this up. “And he decides to screw me over what? Some baby?” How can you give up all this he continues to rant. Castle says, “You’re about to find out.”


“So that’s why Beau was killed?” asks Candice. “Over money?” Beckett and Castle tell her that he really was trying to “be a better man.” Candice tells Beckett and Castle that one day she’ll tell their daughter his story and that her Dad died trying to be a better person. They congratulate her on having a daughter. She sees her father and heads off to tell him about the baby. “Thank you for finding out the truth,” she tells them.


Beckett asks Castle if she thinks he’ll accept his grandchild. “Absolutely,” says Castle. “What makes you so sure,” she asks him. “Because a father would do anything for his daughter,” says Castle. Beckett smiles at the simple honesty of Castle’s emotions. So even if he sometimes smiles a quirky smile and changes the subject, sometimes he lets the raw truth come out.


Castle returns on February 4, 2013 with an episode titled “Recoil” which will be a very interesting case for Beckett. While investigating the murder of a young woman, Castle and Beckett find evidence that links her death with Senator William H. Bracken (guest star Jack Coleman), the man responsible for Beckett’s mother’s murder. Determined to finally bring Bracken to justice, Beckett soon realizes that things are far more complicated than they seem.



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