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Castle Season Five Castle and Beckett Relationship Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/08/2012

CastleCastle: Scoop on Castle and Beckett’s relationship and more on season 5 from Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez




Here’s some scoop on Castle from Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez’s The Spoiler Room column, which was posted on 9/8/12.





While sifting through all the amazing tweets of thanks I’ve been sent this week in response to the Castle article in EW’s Fall TV Preview, I realized that there were a few burning questions many of you had. So I’ll go ahead and tackle those now!

+ Will Beckett and Castle stay together for good?

While I won’t say “for good” (because there’s just no way of me looking that far into the future), I will echo what creator and executive producer Andrew Marlowe told me: “I think it would be unfair to the audience to have them invest all this time and all this time together only to pull the rug out. I think that was one of the fundamental mistakes they made in Moonlighting. They got them together and then they split them up.”


+Is Maddox the big bad this season?

Well, if you didn’t already hate this guy, you’ll definitely hate him in the premiere — largely because he’s the thorn that bursts our happy couple’s Bubble of Happiness. “When we left last season, we know that whatever bubble Castle and Beckett wake up in, she’s still under active threat,” Marlow reminds us. “And in the last scene, Maddox said, ‘When I have those files, I’m going to put Beckett into the ground.’ And we know he’s close to getting those files. So as is often the case, in a moment of bliss, real life intrudes and the characters have to deal with that and deal with it in a new way, given where they are in the world.”


+ Will there be a two-parter this season?

Maybe. And if we see one, it will not be like any of the ones from past seasons. “We’ll probably do something different — something a little more personal,” says Marlowe.


Castle and its monster ratings return Monday September 24th, 2012 at 10/9c only on ABC. The last season of Castle averaged a fantastic 12.18 million viewers! That ranks it the 22nd show on television. The Castle numbers have grown year-to-year in four straight seasons.


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