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Castle, The Title Cards Scoopage

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/15/2013

Castle_title_card1Castle, The Title Cards Scoop



Here’s some new Castle Scoop from Matt’s Inside Line, February 14, 2013 Post.




Use your powers for good and please find out what determines the color of the Castle title card background. Most of the time it’s gold, but for a few episodes it’s been blue or even red. What’s the rhyme and reason? –Linda

“Sometimes for special episodes, we change our screens to be appropriate,” a production source explains. “For the Christmas episode, we had a holiday-themed card. And for the two-parter when Castle and Beckett were trapped in freezer, we went with an icy blue card.” Plus, as attentive viewers know, it’s not just the title card that gets tweaked. “When it tickles our fancy, we’ll even change our theme music slightly to fit the theme of the episode,” says the insider.



Castle,” returns with 5×15 ‘Target,’ on Monday, February 18th, 2013 on ABC.


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