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  • New 'People Like Us' Featurette [video]

    Films like 'People Like Us' usually go one of two ways -- They're hits or misses, rarely landing in the Grey in-between. Unfortunately for for the producers of 'People Like Us', I think this film will miss at the box office.     The cast is defiantly interesting. Chris Pine is on the brink of super stardom (Especially after two more Star Trek Movies), Elizabeth Banks is one of Ame...

  • New Clip From Ridley Scott's Prometheus

    Here's the latest clip from Ridley Scott's Sci-Fi epic "Prometheus"   I recently went through Ridley Scott's filmography. Not just on IMDB, I went back and watched eight or nine of his films on top of the classics like Gladiator, Alien, and Blade Runner -- films I've seen a dozen times throughout the years.   One thing I realized in doing that, was Ridley Scott is one of the to...