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Character Actor R.G. Armstrong Dead At 95

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/31/2012

R. G. Armstrong Dead at 95Character Actor R.G. Armstrong Dead At 95

R.G. Armstrong, a veteran character actor of over 80 movies and countless television guest appearances, passed away this past weekend at age 95. Science fiction and horror fans will remember him as the sympathetic building constructor in The Twilight Zone episode “Nothing in the Dark”, costarring a very young Robert Redford, and in his three appearances on Chris Carter’s Millennium as a character known only as “the old man”. However, his career began in the 1950’s.

Born in Brimingham. Alabama on April 17, 1917, Robert Golden Armstrong graduated from the University of North Carolina before moving to New York City to pursue acting. While in the Big Apple, Armstrong appeared in such Broadway plays as End As a Man and Cat On a Hot Tin Roof. He also appeared in the 1954 film Garden of Eden.

In the late 1950’s Armstrong moved to Hollywood and found work in many television shows, many of them westerns like Have Gun, Will Travel and The Rifleman. On January 5, 1962 Armstrong guest starred alongside Robert Redford in the classic Twilight Zone episode “Nothing in the Dark” as a building constructor in charge of tearing down a condemned building where only a single old woman lives. Though he feels for the woman he has his job to do.

In later years Armstrong appeared in the 1982 television movie The Shadow Riders alongside Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott as well as the Friday the 13th television series. During the 1997-1998 television season he appeared in three episodes Chris Carter’s (also creator of The X-Files) second series, Millennium, as a mysterious figure referred to only as “the old man” in the episodes “Beware of the Dog”, “Owls” and “Roosters” as a spiritual guide who teaches Frank Black (Lance Henricksen) the true nature of evil.

R.G Armstrong retired from acting in 1999 and spent the last decade of his life with his wife Mary, occasionally vacationing in Europe.



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