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Charlie Kaufman’s Kickstarter Campaign For Anomalisa

Written by   // 07/20/2012

AnomalisaCharlie Kaufman’s Kickstarter Campaign For Anomalisa

Charlie Kaufman and company need our help!

The Innovative mind of Charlie Kaufman, the pop culture infused Dan Harmon and stop-motion extraordinaire Dino Stamatopoulos are in collaboration to try and bring us “Anomalisa”, but they need our help!

So what are they asking for? 200,000 dollars by September, 9th.

They are asking for pledges to help fund their project, to keep any type of major studio away, and have it be strictly independent. The minimum pledge starts at a mere one dollar, however, the more you pledge the better the amenities. Luxuries such as your name being in the credits, to attending a party with the cast and crew.

So what is “Anomalisa” even about?

“Anomalisa ” is in the works to be a stop motion animated film about “a man crippled by the mundanity of his life” So, yes, very Kaufman-esque. But lets be honest, there isn’t a single person out there who wouldn’t like to see Charlie Kaufman’s mind at work without the restrictions of a studio. For more information on how to pledge, and the project, go to and search “Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa”. Also, check out the promo video made by the cast and crew, which will undoubtedly have your money under oath.

 Anomalisa Promo Video:


Anomalisa was originally written by Kaufman under the pen name Francis Fregoli and produced as a play with two performances at Royce Hall in Los Angeles, in September of 2005.


Starburns Industries is an animation studio known for groundbreaking stop motion animation work that launched in the summer of 2010, when seasoned animation producers Joe Russo II (The Simpsons, Rug Rats), and James A. Fino (King of the Hill), teamed up with Dan Harmon (NBC’s Community, Monster House, Channel 101) and Dino Stamatopoulos (HBO’s Mr. Show, Conan, Adult Swim’s Moral Orel and Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole) to begin work on a stop- motion animated holiday special for NBC’s hit show Community entitled Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas which garnered an Emmy Award© for outstanding Achievement in Character Animation. In late 2010, Rosa Tran joined the team as a Producer.


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