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Charlie Sheen is Winning, Advertisers’!!!

Written by   // 06/13/2012

Charlie Sheen is Winning

Charlie Sheen is winning!!! In fact, he has come to embody the word. According to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, commercial time has been sold for the first four episodes of his new series, set to premier on the FX Network June 28th, entitled Anger Management.



To think, a little over a year ago, Charlie Sheen, was being fired from his day job, on the top rated CBS program, Two and a Half Men, yet he was living and partying like a rock star w/ ‘goddesses’ as he called them; Winning!!! I ‘ve been laid off, and let me tell you, I wasn’t living w/ no goddesses when it happened… a couple of hell hounds perhaps, but definitely not goddesses.

Charlie Sheen’s deal, he’s a producer on the show Anger Management as well as its star (winning!!!), allows for certain incentives, if the required audience numbers are met. Basically, if enough people watch the show, and keep watching the show, on a weekly basis, for the first season, then Mr. Sheen can keep making the show, until he doesn’t want to make the show anymore, effectively walking off into the sunset, while the show stays on in syndication, collecting Mr. Sheen’s residual income for as long as the show is on air; That’s Tyler Perry Money Right There – Winning!!!!

Seriously, who wouldn’t watch Anger Management even if it is horrible, which I doubt that it will be, but even if it is a debacle, why wouldn’t people watch it. Charlie Sheen’s comedy tour ‘My Violent Torpedo of Truth’, literally sold out in minutes in some cities’, just so that those ticket buyers’ could boo, or walk out; Winning!!! They paid even if they didn’t stay, which is what the Mad Men of Madison Ave, are banking on; that and Mr. Sheen’s winning personality, which fans like myself can’t get enough of.

Here’s some, behind the scene’s w/ Sheen on the set of Anger Management…


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