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Christina Hendricks Mad Men Interview

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/15/2012

Christina Hendricks

Here’s an interview that Christina Hendricks did with TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich. In the interview, Hendricks talks about Joan’s relationship with Lane, Joan’s storyline for season 5, the progression of Joan as a character throughout the course of the first five seasons of Mad Men, her thoughts on Joan being made a partner at the advertising firm and what she thinks about the possibility of Don and Joan ever becoming a couple. Here’s an excerpt from the article where Christina Hendricks shares her thoughts on Joan being made a partner at the firm:


TVLINE | You’ve already spoken about getting wind of Joan’s unorthodox track to partnership. But at what point did Matt give you an idea that Joan would have the arc that she would, career-wise? When did you know that she was destined for bigger things?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think it was until I got the script for that episode. We had discussed this scenario before, but at the time I don’t think he told me “…and then she will be made partner.”
TVLINE | I ask because it’s been such an incredible arc over these years”


It has been pretty amazing, I have to say. John Slattery and I were just talking the other night, he said, “This is my favorite season so far.” It’s amazing how Matt and the writers can continue to have this caliber of writing every season.

TVLINE | I can’t imagine you predicted back in the day that Joan, given who she was at the start of the series, would be surveying an office space expansion as a partner:


It’s true, all of these characters have grown and changed so much. And that moment in the finale, I just love. It’s such a strong image to have all those people standing in a line — and there’s Joan amongst them!

Link to the full article: Eye on Emmy: Christina Hendricks of Mad Men – TVLine

My thoughts: I personally would love to see Christina Hendricks win an Emmy for her work on Mad Men, especially for season 5. I’ve always thought that she was a fantastic actress, and she definitely deserves to be recognized for her work on Mad Men.


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