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Comcast Chairman Brian Roberts Publicly Acknowledges “Battleship” Bomb

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/01/2012




It seem the obvious has finally been acknowledged by someone who has real stake in the claim, ‘Battleship is a bomb.” Comcast Chairman Brian Roberts publicly acknowledged Friday, while Speaking at the Sanford Bernstein Strategic decisions conference in New York City, that battleship was “an unfortunate, large miss.”  And coupled with the failure of the comedy “The Five Year Engagement,”  ”Battleship” will drag down earnings at NBCUniversal.


This time last year, NBCUniversal was up big with “Bridesmaids,” and “Fast Five.” Now Roberts tells Wall Street, ”This year you put that together, we’ll have a negative quarter at NBCUniversal, as we’ve sort of told folks.”



The film wasn’t all bad, but coupled with the timing of its lead actors previous film, “John Carter” and the fact that it came on the heels of the mighty ‘Avengers,’  the film really had no chance to succeed. It’s bad timing mixed with a bloated cast, script, special effects, and a budget of over $200m bucks.



This one is going to cost. The money is besides the point. The real losers in  ’Battleship,’ are the people involved. Director Peter Berg, for example, has already lost Universals support for his pet project, Lone Survivor.  Universal pulled its financing of the film and told Berg, they will now only distribute. This has forced Berg to find independent money. He has done so, but at a price. Mark Wahlberg has to give up his buddy comedy with Will Ferrell, “Three Mississippi,” in order to get Berg the money to direct it.


BattleshipMeanwhile, Rihanna, who was supposed to breakout in this film and crossover into acting, has proved to filmmakers that she can’t bring her large music audience out of the concert halls with her and into the theaters. Likewise, Brooklyn Deckers “serious” acting ambitions will be put on hold. The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl still has the label of just a pretty face —  reality folks.


Taylor Kitsch will take the biggest hit from this flop, however. The young leading man who was headed to the top sustained his 2nd embarrassing box office bombardment in two months. First came the debacle of “John Carter” by Disney and now this: Battleship is causing many to ridicule the young actor, The Hollywood Reporter said was “pushing – or being pushed” into taking over Hollywood as the new “A-List”. And today, TV Without Pity ridiculed Kitsch and tweeted this:




It’s sad to see an actor with the young uncultivated talent of Taylor Kitsch thrust into the big time too fast. A lot of acting careers never really survive it. Sure, Kitsch will keep on working, but if he wants to be taken seriously as an actor again, he needs to go back to basics: More acting lessons, get on the stage, put the shirt back on and do as Pitt did in Twelve Monkeys and Kalifornia, play ugly, even though we know your not.


What a disaster. What a monumental screw up.  This will be one for the books. It won’t have it’s own chapter, like Cutthroat Island or Waterworld, but it has that label now —  that Hollywood scarlet letter, the big letter ‘B’.


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