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April 17, 2012   //


TV Film News was founded by Alex Tucker (“Tucker”) in October 2011, and covers the latest stories in TV, Film, and Hollywood News. Alex Tucker and his staff present their personal opinions and reviews on the latest television series and movies. At TV Film News you can also find the latest trailers, movie posters, set images, featurettes, recaps, and casting news.

At we have a passion for the entertainment industry, and you can see this in our daily articles, reviews, editorials, and podcasts. At TV Film News we don’t just report the news, but we also provide commentary and reviews.


Meet the Staff of TV Film News :

About TV Film News


Alex Tucker –
Editor-In-Chief, Founder


Larissa Rzemienski –
Managing Editor

Licensed Professional Counselor, University Faculty Member in Psychology, and lover of Hollywood.  She links the field of Psychology to the Hollywood stories. She is also the Managing Editor, and fosters the growth of writers on the site. Follow Larissa on Twitter @larissar6

TV Film News

Sarah Bell
Pop Culture Commentator

Sarah’s the girl with a “Hollywood address” in her heart. She talks and writes passionately about all things pop-culture. Her relentless curiosity about what’s trending keeps her perspective fresh and informative. Having always had a love for celebrities, she is working towards pursuing a degree in Entertainment Management, where she hopes to fulfill her dream of moving to California.

George Beremov
Movie Reviewer

A movie reviewer since 2004, George Beremov has a soft spot for horror, fantasy and martial arts films in particular, but as a true cinema connoisseur, he adores all the other genres as well. Eight years ago, he started writing reviews on a movie journal over at Rotten Tomatoes, but then left it behind, in order to run his own blog – CineMarvellous! – which became very successful since its debut back in mid-2009. George also writes movie reivews and articles for his monthly column “Screen Shots with George Beremov” in White Cat Magazine  You can follow George on Twitter @CineMarvellous and/or become a member of CineMarvellous blog

Liz Clark
Movie Reviewer

Liz has had a love of movies and music since she was a very young child, and loves the opportunity to escape through them. Liz writes a lot about many different things, but movies and life are the ones she chooses more often then not. Liz always try to put a humorous spin on everything. Here is the link to Liz’s blog where you can read about the movies she has seen and about her life: Liz’s Blog


Kenley R. Doonan – Page and Silver Screen
Freelance Contributor

Kenley R. Doonan’s love for movies began when her mother wouldn’t let her watch the latest horror movie, but instead had her watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Eventually, Kenley’s love for older movies and books made her a social pariah in high school, but the lack of time spent socializing gave her plenty of time to write books. Kenley is a Young Adult author and an expert in sarcasm. She utilizes this skill to express her opinions regarding books and movies on her blog, Page and Silver Screen. 


Katie Fine
Freelance Contributor

Katie is a lifetime writer with a varied background in radio, acting/sketch comedy, publishing and graphic design. She also has a big mouth and an affinity for pop culture bordering the ridiculous. Covering film, TV, music and gossip with that big mouth is a natural progression from her rants and tweets in the social networking realm over the last three years. Katie’s also formed a dysfunctional relationship with her blog for the last ten years, while parenting, working full time and sometimes fronting a cover band: Follow her on Twitter @chinaskie


Michael Goth

Freelance Contributor

Michael was born in Chicago on August 5, 1976 and grew up in the suburbs of Hanover Park and Schaumburg and studied Early American History in college and not film. Infact, he did not grow up with any special interest in movies. It was seeing Brian De Palma”s 1980 film Dressed to Kill at age 20 that started his interest in film. It was how De Palma told the story more through what visually unfolded on screen and not so much by what the characters said that interested him. Dressed to Kill and De De Palma’s 1981 film Blow Out still remain among Mike’s top 10 favorite films of all time and De Palma ranks second only to Alfred Hitchcock as his favorite filmmaker. Ohter favorite filmmakers include Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Ridley Scott. Follow him on Twitter @michael_goth


Bobby GuerrieriBobby’s Teen Movie Reviews
Movie Reviewer

Bobby Guerrieri  has a burning passion for movies, and loves being able to share his opinion on movies with others and  hearing what others have to say about them. He wants nothing more than a good time out of a movie. Bobby plans on becoming a screenwriter and director when he is older and hopes to give people just that, a great time. His biggest inspiration is screenwriter Eric Heisserer. You can follow Bobby on Twitter @bobbysreviews


Morgan Hurley

Freelance Contributor

Morgan Hurley is a 24 year old writer from Connecticut. She aspires to become a journalist and novelist. Morgan writes poetry, non fiction, fictional short stories, as well as dishing out Hollywood News. She follows the lives of Young Hollywood Stars and Starlets. Morgan is a believer in, “Everything happens for a Reason,” and says that her life is living proof of the motto. She is a loving mother, daughter, sister, wife, and niece, and will continue to write for the rest of her days.
You can follow her on Twitter, @mhurley886 and on her blog,


Stacy Ike
Freelance Contributor

Journalist. Singer. Blogger. Aspiring Actress. Activist. I’m Stacy Ike but my friends call me OneTakeStace. I’m a journalist and an activist at heart but I strive to work in films & commercials one day. Acting is my first love, people are my passion, my purpose is overwhelming, and my destiny lies in the hand of the ultimate Savior. Informing people in all mediums is what I do. My advice to you is be yourself because everyone else is taken. Follow me @onetakestace and check out my website


Kathie Ladd
Freelance Contributor & Editor

Kathie grew up in Chicago, raised by theatre-loving parents who took her to many plays and musicals. Movies and Hollywood she discovered on her own, about the time she figured out she could walk to the neighborhood theater. Forever the aspiring actress, Kathie loves to write, watch movies, search casting calls, and offer her opinion on just about anything. You can follow Kathie on Twitter @pyr8kat


Jessika Owens
Freelance Contributor


Roberto “R.C.” Rondero de Mosier
Entertainment Law Writer

Roberto “R.C.” Rondero de Mosier is an attorney licensed to practice law in Texas, California, New York and Illinois. He is a partner at Gonzalez & Mosier Law PLLC. His practice specializes in Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property rights. In his spare time he enjoys watching television and films, and writing about it. Follow him on Twitter @showbizattorney, or e-mail him at


Jessica Schmid
Freelance Contributor

Jessica’s passion is writing, and she has an overly vivid imagination that has allowed her to work towards becoming a published novelist. According to the all-knowing Wikipedia,  “A person of vivid imagination often suffers acutely from the imagined perils besetting friends, relatives, or even strangers such as celebrities.”  She chooses to ignore that statement, and live by what the genius, Albert Einstein, said, “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  Follow Jessica on Twitter @jessicaschmiddy


Chent Steinbrink
Freelance Contributor

Chent is a current student, growing up in Metro-Detroit while studying Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts at Central Michigan University. His hopes are to one day become a video editor and film critic with his passions always being in film and music. A fan of quirky movies, genre deconstruction and an avid podcast listener. He is Always open to new ideas and opinions so follow him on Twitter at @Chentchilla and leave your thoughts and criticism.



Gary Zarchy
Movie Reviewer

Zarchy has been an avid film and theatre fan since childhood. He grew up close to New York City and was exposed to movies and theatre from an early age. His interest in the arts eventually led him to a career in fine arts where he owned an art gallery in SoHo in New York City and an art publishing company in Phoenix, Arizona, his adopted home. Zarchy reinvented himself by channeling his enthusiasm for people into psychotherapy after achieving a masters degree in counseling. Along with this, he thoroughly enjoys his role as a University instructor. Films and theatre continue as his passion to this day.