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Copper 1X01 Recap Surviving Death

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/28/2012

Copper BBC America 1X01 Surviving Death EpisodeCopper

Season 1, Episode 1

BBC America

“Surviving Death”


I normally enjoy period piece TV shows and movies. I was in love with “Deadwood” for a long time, and I still pop the DVDs into my computer now and then. For some reason, I seem to like the Old West more than other types of settings, but if there are good guys and bad guys, I’m all in. And if the bad guys are really, really bad? Even better.

This first episode of “Copper” moved very quickly, but was also a tangled mess. There were too many stories trying to be told at once, when we don’t yet even know the cast of characters. The setting is 1864 New York City, in the worst slum in the entire country. The cops shoot first then yell “police” after the fact. When they shot up a group of bank robbers, they even helped themselves to some of the cash. When the police chief arrived, the detectives were told to put the money sacks into his carriage, and he would make sure the money was returned to the bank. Not even close.

Corruption runs deep throughout every walk of life here. There seems to be just a super wealthy upper class, and the lower class of citizens who live in shacks or are homeless. A child is murdered, an innocent man is hanged for the crime, and everyone knows it. The man guilty of the child’s murder is of the elite class, and therefore above suspicion.

By the end of this first episode, I was so confused by all the twists and turns, the mad chaos, trying to figure out who was who, I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch another episode. But I did…

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