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Copper 1X02 Recap Husband and Fathers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/28/2012

Copper BBC America 1X02 Husbands and Fathers ReviewCopper

Season 1, Episode 2

BBC America

“Husbands and Fathers”

With my head fully wrapped around the idea I would be completely lost yet again, I sat down to watch Copper‘s second episode. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when I was able to follow the entire story! Yay! Since we already know Katie’s murderer from the previous episode, we know he is searching everywhere for the girl’s twin sister, Annie. He is not concerned with her safety, but wants to make sure she finds her way to the correct whorehouse.

While the man guilty of murdering Annie’s sister continues searching for her, a Pinkerton’s agent he hired shows up at Corcoran’s home with two bodyguards. When Corcoran won’t tell them where to find Annie, they break his leg over a foot stool. So, throughout the episode, Corcoran sits on his couch directing everyone else where to go and how to protect Annie.

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When a strange man comes to town claiming to be Annie’s father, Corcoran is suspicious of him and will not reveal the girl’s whereabouts. When he tells Annie her father was looking for her, she tells him Mr. Reilly is not her father, but her husband. Corcoran decides this guy needs to be escorted out of town immediately, and dispatches his partners, Francis Maguire and Andrew O’Brien to take Mr. Reilly to the boat dock so he can catch the next boat out.

Corcoran and Annie then set a dangerous trap for her Katie’s murderer. Annie returns to the whorehouse to lure him in, which works. When he walks into Annie’s room, we see just how truly slimy this guy is. Annie is maybe 10-11 years old, and he starts removing his clothes.

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Suddenly, Corcoran pops through an open window and grabs the murderer. Handing Annie a knife, he tells her “just do it!” Annie plunges the knife into his chest as she tells him it’s for what he did to her sister. When the Contessa runs into the room (she is the Madam) to see what all the noise is about, Corcoran stabs her in the chest and leaves her on the floor. He then jumps out the window, landing in a waiting wagon. Writhing in pain from his broken leg, he must remain silent to guarantee his escape.

I look forward to next week’s episode, hoping the story will continue to iron itself out in the episodes to follow.

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