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Copper 1X04 The Empty Locket Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/10/2012

Copper BBC America The Empty Locket

Copper 1X04 The Empty Locket Recap

Season 1, Episode 4


“The Empty Locket”

This week’s episode starts with Dr. Matthew Freeman’s uncle Marcus arriving for a visit. Jasper, the mentally challenged boy, is still living with Dr. Freeman and his wife Sarah. Uncle Marcus believes Jasper has natural boxing abilities and wants to train him, since he himself was a boxer. Sara warns Uncle Marcus to not teach that violence to Jasper, and I think she clearly intends to back up her threat. After all, remember she is fairly whacked-out since her brother’s lynching, and she is very good with a pistol.
When Molly confronts Eva on why she hasn’t given the locket to Corcoran, Eva returns the locket to her saying it is cursed and Molly is not to tell Corcoran that Eva ever had possession of the locket. Meanwhile, Corcoran’s best friend and fellow detective Francis Maguire has decided to propose to Molly.
In an attempt to solve the mystery of his wife’s locket and Mrs. Grindle’s murder, Corcoran finds out about a ledger kept by Mrs. Grindle in which she kept the names of all the women for whom she performed an abortion, along with the names of the men who paid for the abortions. A short time later, we see Mrs. Grindle’s sister with the ledger, visiting one man whose name was listed in the ledger, and wonders aloud to the man who this woman could be since it is not his wife’s name. So, the holier-than-thou woman who runs a mission in Five Points isn’t really as wonderful as she claims to be.
While investigating at Mrs. Grindle’s office, Corcoran finds a mostly-burned letter in the fireplace. After Dr. Freeman performs his usual magic tricks, we discover the letter is from the local Episcopal bishop, whom Corcoran visits to bash the truth out of him, looking for the ledger. Later, he visits the bishop’s cook who is an Irish Catholic, and lays an awesome guilt trip on her. “What would your mother say, you cooking for the protestants?” As tears run down the poor cook’s face, she tells Corcoran the bishop had impregnated a maid, paid for her abortion, and the girl subsequently bled to death during the procedure. Corcoran could give even my mom a run for her money in the whole guilt-trip department. Impressive.
In other news, Elizabeth Haverford discovers raising Annie isn’t as easy as she may have thought. Annie complains about hating the house, her dresses, the tea, and everything else she can think of. Um, yeah… every 10-year-old girl is like that. Somehow, Annie finds a way to get to Eva’s brothel for a visit, where she just happens to tell Eva about Molly “comforting” Corcoran while Eva was out of town. Eva’s is obviously upset when Annie then informs her Elizabeth Haverford also like Corcoran, and he likes her too. At this point, Eva looks like she’s going to have some kind of melt-down.
Later, we see Molly in Eva’s room at the brothel. They are discussing Francis’ proposal to Molly when she announces she likes him, but has no intention of marrying him. As Molly brushes her hair, Eva walks over to her and offers to brush her hair. Twisting Molly’s hair and yanking her head back, Eva grabs a straight edge razor and slits Molly’s throat. Eva calls for the bouncer, telling him she slit her own throat. Now that was a total shocker. When Francis finds out, he is devastated. The show ends with Francis wailing and sitting on the ground, as Corcoran stares at him from a short distance, not knowing what happened.

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