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Copper 1X05 La Tempete Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/26/2012

Copper La Tempete Review BBC AmericaCopper 1X05 La Tempete

Season 1, Episode 5 La Tempete Recap and Review

This week, Elizabeth Haverford is determined to host a gala event at the Morehouse mansion, in order to raise money for the black union soldiers still fighting in the Civil War. She manages to charm her way through Mr. Morehouse Sr.’s thick exterior, convincing him that his music room is much more spacious than hers. As Robert Morehouse looks on in shock, he is obviously in awe at the ease with which Elizabeth has just manipulated his father to do her will.
Meanwhile, Detective O’Brien’s no-good brother-in-law has a run-in at the gambling table and is arrested by Corcoran and O’Brien. While searching his pockets, they find plans to the Morehouse home. He finally confesses there is indeed a plot to rob the home of all the hefty donations that will be in attendance. Corcoran tries to convince Elizabeth to cancel the event, to which she refuses. She visits the police chief instead, bribing him with an invitation to the gala, in exchange for free security in which Corcoran is in charge. Shocker.
Annie continues hitting on Corcoran during the evening, and even starts with Morehouse. Morehouse finally asks her what she’s really trying to say and Annie tells him Elizabeth had a Confederate soldier visitor several evenings ago. When Morehouse confronts Elizabeth about this while dancing, she explains he was looking for donations to help southern civilians who have been displaced because of the war. When Morehouse tells her she cannot play both sides, she informs him that women do not choose sides in war. That was a good one!
At the end of the gala event, Corcoran, Maguire, and O’Brien take the donation box onto a horse-drawn wagon headed to the bank. They know they’re sitting ducks, and they’re all armed. O’Brien is shot in the arm as the wagon speeds through the rough streets. As the horses spook and the wagon tips over, the cops run with the donation box. They soon come upon a gang of thieves, intent on relieving the coppers of their box of cash. Corcoran has no choice but to drop the box and watch the thieves run off with it. Once the thieves are far away, they open the box to find it empty.
The cops are back in the city at this point, and Corcoran catches up with Robert Morehouse, almost getting shot by Morehouse for sneaking up on him. The ever-helpful Morehouse had taken the donations, all $50,000 of them, and hid all of it in his artificial leg. So he and Corky limp and laugh all the way to the bank.
In another part of town, Marcus Freeman begins training Jasper to box. Sara is very unhappy about it, but Matthew assures her it will be good for both Marcus and Jasper. Morehouse wants to bankroll Jasper’s fight (loss) against an Irishman who he wants as a city councilman. Corky’s not so sure, however, worried about the racial fallout that might occur.
Marcus tries to attack Sara while Matthew is away. She runs off, locking herself in a room with her pistol. Jasper runs onto the scene and is ready to knock the snot out of Marcus. The next thing we see, Matthew comes home well after dark to find Marcus bruised and beaten on the floor, the house a torn up mess, and no sign of Sara. He confronts Marcus, then throws him out of the house telling him to find Jasper.


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