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Copper 1X06 Arsenic and Old Cake Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/25/2012

Copper BBC America 1X06 Arsenic and Old LaceCopper 1X06

Season 1, Episode 6

Arsenic and Old Cake

In this week’s opening scene, O’Brien is visiting the dentist to have a tooth pulled. The dentist gives him ether, which he then takes a few deep breaths of himself. He calls his wife over to pull O’Brien’s tooth only to have her yank out a healthy tooth. The dentist then smacks his wife onto the floor. Nice.
Soon afterward, a uniformed officer finds the dentist’s dead body and in walks Sergeant Byrnes, the corrupt cop who plays both sides against each other, and hates Corcoran. He helps himself to several pieces of fruitcake from “the best bakery in New York,” and a few swigs of wine from a nearby bottle. He tries to talk the uniformed officer into joining him, but he refuses. Not long after scarfing down his little treat, Byrnes takes ill, then falls over dead!
The police then haul in the deceased dentist’s wife, believing she is the murderer because she was regularly beaten, and because Corcoran found rat poison in the apartment. At first, she kicks and punches and bites the officers all the way to the station, but when she realizes a copper is also dead, she becomes quite serious. She swears she had nothing to do with the murders, and cries that her sons cannot lose both their father and mother.
Corcoran believes her, and starts hunting around town for clues with O’Brien. In visiting the bakery that made the fruitcake, the owner recognizes neither the dentist’s wife nor the handwriting on the note found with the fruitcake. But O’Brien gets a cake all to himself out of the deal, so all is not lost.
Corky and O’Brien revisit the dentist’s apartment building to discover the landlord’s handwriting matches the note with the fruitcake. At the police station, the landlord admits to having given the fruitcake to the landlord but swears he didn’t know it was poisoned. The landlord doesn’t even like fruitcake, which was given to him by the local butcher, who was having an affair with the dentist’s wife. So the dentist actually poisoned the fruitcake intending to give it to the butcher, pinning the murder on his wife, but killing himself and Sergeant Byrnes instead. Actually, it was a pretty good twist.
Meanwhile, Jasper was getting ready to fight against Robert Morehouse’s choice for councilman, and Jasper was supposed to throw the fight. But he had no intention of doing so. After going more than 40 rounds, the Morehouse gave a signal to the referee and he cold-cocked Jasper in the jaw. The Irishman was declared the winner, and Jasper kept his life. Later, Morehouse arrives at Dr. Freeman’s home to give Jasper his cut of the winnings, and a one-way boat ticket to Halifax.
In other news, the manipulative Elizabeth Haverford tries to reign in Annie by having a Catholic priest visit with her. After about 30 seconds with Annie, the priest bolts out of the house, leaving Annie laughing at him. Annie then shoves Elizabeth into a nearby table and runs off to Eva’s brothel, where she tells Eva she wants to live. Eva tries to tell Annie she works her fingers raw to save enough money to leave the brothel and move closer to the Elizabeth Haverfords of New York.
When Corky and Eva run into each other, Eva tells him of Annie’s latest adventure. Corky asks Eva to return Annie to Elizabeth, to which Eva agrees. Eva then takes Annie to Elizabeth’s where Elizabeth seems relieved to see Annie. As soon as Eva is out the door, Elizabeth tells Annie she would be better off with her own family and she has decided to relinquish her to her “father.” And as we all know, this disgusting guy is not Annie’s father, but her husband, who Corky tossed out of New York not too long ago. As Annie is dragged out of Elizabeth’s home, she screams over and over that she’s sorry for her behavior and will be good and behave herself from now on. Elizabeth seems truly upset and shocked. I actually felt bad for both of them.
Corky shows up at Elizabeth’s that evening, to check on Annie. He’s having a brandy with Elizabeth and asks about Annie, and Elizabeth tells him she sent her off to a family in California to live on a farm. What? Wait! That Riley guy doesn’t live on a… oh… she’s LYING to Corky… oooooohh…. this can’t be good… Then she starts crying, telling Corky Annie isn’t his responsibility, blah-blah-blah, as she puts her face closer and closer to his…
Oh wow! He kissed her! And then she practically jumps him right there. Gee, what a shock.
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Episode Synopsis: Corcoran reevaluates his decisions about Annie. Meanwhile, Robert Morehouse considers a unique business opportunity when a group of high-society people arrive from out of town. Original Air Date: September 30, 2012


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