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Criminal Minds 8×18 Morgan Centric Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/05/2013

Criminal Minds 8x18 Morgan Centric ScoopCriminal Minds 8×18 Morgan Centric Scoop



Here’s some new Criminal Minds Scoop from Entertainment Weekly’s Insider TV’s Spoiler Room, February 5, 2013 Post.





In episode 18, called “Restoration,” Morgan finds himself back in Chicago dealing with a case that forces him to face Carl Buford, the man we know abused him as a child. “It’s just a really nice strong story again for Morgan — similar to his one last year where he had to help find his cousin,” says executive producer Erica Messer. “It’s also a nice call-back to season 2’s ‘Profiler Profiled’ [which introduced] a lot of characters that laid the backstory for Morgan. And a lot of those actors have returned to be in this episode. So it’ll be nice for you all to see.” (Messer jokes that the episode will likely have the longest “previously on” segment the show has ever seen.)

And as you might expect, Morgan’s emotional episode will bring out the best of the fan-favorite friendship he shares with Garcia. “She’s not in Chicago this go-around but she’s definitely worried about him when she finds out this is related to Carl,” she says. “So it’s her natural, sweet worrisome self. But I think again we all love that relationship so much that you’re excited to write that stuff and see those scenes.”


Criminal Minds returns with 8×14, ‘All That Remains,’ on February 6, 2013 on CBS.


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