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Criminal Minds Season 8 Preview with Matthew Gray Gubler

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/20/2012

Criminal Minds Season 8 Preview with Matthew Gray GublerCriminal Minds: Season 8 Preview with Matthew Gray Gubler






Here’s an article by TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich, which gives some scoop on what will be happening with Reid in season 8 of Criminal Minds directly from Matthew Gray Gubler. In the article, Gubler talks about a “mystery woman” who will play a role in Reid’s storyline for the season and how the character might become a love interest for him. He also talks about the season 8 Halloween episode. Here’s an excerpt from the article:



For one, “There’s a mysterious woman in his life,” the actor/sometime director told TVLine at CBS’ Fall Kick-Off party on Tuesday night. Pressed to elaborate on the seeming romance, Gubler would (could?) only say, “It’s very intriguing…. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s a uniquely done story of love, I might say. Or maybe not. I don’t know.”


Although a CBS rep was unable at this time to comment on the casting of any “mystery woman,” Gubler said the character “is someone new. And I think it’s going to be very well done. It arcs over a few episodes, and we’re halfway into it [at Episode 7]. It’s interesting.”



My thoughts: I have to say that I personally am really excited for season 8 of Criminal Minds to start. For starters, I’m huge fan of the actress Jeanne Tripplehorn, so I’m thrilled that she’s joining the cast as a series regular. After reading this article, I’m very excited to see Reid’s storyline for season 8, especially since Reid is one of my favorite characters on the show. If the “mystery woman” that Matthew Gray Gubler was talking about ends up being a love interest of some kind for Reid, that’s definitely going to be interesting to watch given what Reid’s personality is like.



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