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David Fincher Will Produce Mean Creek Director, Jacob Aaron Estes Next Project

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/25/2012

David FincherDavid Fincher, director of Fight Club, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and Seven, will produce Director Jacob Aaron Estes new film, ‘IOU.’ David Fincher doesn’t produce very often, so you can bet if he’s throwing his weight behind something, he believes in it. To date, Fincher has put his name on those BMW ads in the early ’00s directed by folks like Joe Carnahan and John Frankenheimer, Catherine Hardwicke’s “Lords Of Dogtown” and, oddly, the Brittany Murphyvehicle “Love And Other Disasters.”


Jacob Aaron Estes, from Tulare California, made his directorail debut the film, Summoning, in 2001. But he really garnered respect for his 2004 indie hit, Mean Creek, a about a group of teenagers and young adults who devise a plan to humiliate an overweight, troubled bully on a boating trip. The film was met with acclaim by most professional critics. Mean Creek received an 91% rating from Top Critics at Rotten Tomatoes.


We don’t have much details, or rather, we don’t have any details about ‘IOU.’ Well, we know it’s a thriller, but the plot of the Michael Arlen Ross (“Turistas“) penned film is being kept under wraps.


The ‘Mean Creek’ Trailer



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