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David Wain’s, ‘They Came Together,’ adds Cobie Smulders, Michael Ian Black & Noureen Dewulf

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/21/2012

They Came TogetherDavid Wain’s new rom-com, ‘They Came Together,’ added to new faces to an already talented cast.


“How I Met Your Mother” star Cobie Smulders and ”The State” veteran Michael Ian Black have been announced today.


Also added to ‘They Came Together,’ Anger Management star, Noureen Dewulf who will play Paul Rudd’s assistant in the what is being described as a spoof. Amy Poehler will also star as a lowly business woman being engulfed by Paul Rudd’s Big corporation. (I’m thinking they may be spoofing We Got Mail?)


On his blog, Wain calls the ‘The Came Together,’ “a spoof/homage/deconstruction/love letter to Romantic Comedies.” You may recognize David Wain’s name because he wrote ‘Wet Hot American Summer,’ a low budget delight with a cult like following — and yes, I’m part of that cult like following. But don’t worry we don’t have any weird rituals or anything like that. We don’t dance naked in the woods, we just watch the film every couple of months and laugh.


Oh yea, I forgot to mention, “New Girl” stand-out Max Greenfield, Ed Helms and Jason Mantzoukas are also in the film. According to David Wain we should see the ‘They Came Together‘ within the next twelve months.


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