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Debut Trailer From Ruba Nadda’s Inescapable — Starring Alexander Siddig & Joshua Jackson

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/13/2012

inescapable Trailer

Here’s the debut Trailer from ‘Inescapable.’


Ruba Nadda will be the first woman in couple of years to try and make Joshua Jackson a viable leading man again in her new film ‘Inescapable.’ — Though, he’s technically more of a co-lead her to Alexander Siddig.


Jackson had mild success in his youth as a leading man in such movies as The Skulls, but his career then tailed off until he made his run with Fringe. That TV show made him crediable again — Both as an actor and as a potential leading man. After all Fringe will be over soon and I’d bet Joshua Jackson will make a run at film before signing on to star in another TV show. After all, he’s young, unlike, say, Dennis Quiad.


Inescapable Director Ruba Nadda is no joke either, she’s an Award-winning Canadian writer-director, who is returning to a place where she’s had great success, The Toronto International Film Festival. Inescapable will make its premiere there.


The film also stars Alexander Siddig, and Marisa Tomei. The story centers on a Syrian expatriate (Siddig) whose journalist daughter goes missing in Damascus. He must return to his homeland to find her despite the risks, and calls on a former love (Tomei)  to help him. An embassy official (Jackson) is at first helpful but may  have an agenda of his own.”


All kind of vague yes? Well, lucky for you, and I, we have the trailer below. Check it.


Inescapable Trailer


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