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Deception 1×02 Nothing’s Free, Little Girl Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/15/2013

Deception on NBCDeception 1×02 Nothing’s Free, Little Girl Recap and Review


Deception 1×02 “Nothing’s Free, Little Girl” Synopsis: As Joanna tries to figure out what happened the night Vivian died, some people point the finger at Edward. At the same time, Julian’s grief over his sister’s death leads to self-destructive behavior.


I admit that I am now a Deception addict. As such, you will forgive me for going on so long in the recap; I tried to cut back, I really did. I loved every scene, because you never know what part of a conversation will give you a clue. I know that the clues all lead to Edward, but that could be a red herring. I mean, who in their right mind would start off a mystery by telling you who the killer is on day one? With that being said, this episode may lead the viewer to believe that it is Edward. Unfortunately the entire family has a motive, with the exception of Mia. The only thing anyone knows for sure, at this point, is that Vivian knew her killer.


Deception 1×02 begins with Joanna dreaming of her friendship with Vivian. She recalls conversations and fights; then sees Vivian sitting in a chair. “You saw it all, just open your eyes.” Vivian says cryptically before Joanna awakens.


At the breakfast table, Robert asks Edward to keep an eye on Julian. He went off the deep end after his mother died; his dad is afraid that will happen again. Mia can’t understand how anyone can eat after Vivian’s death, she can’t. Sofia and Edward argue with Robert over hiring “this person” (Joanna) because of guilt over his daughter’s death.


DeceptionMeanwhile, Joanna is outside trying to start her car. An old familiar face comes to her rescue; Rayburn is the Bower’s handyman/mechanic. He says her battery is corroded and he’ll have it replaced. That leaves Julian with an opening; he offers to drive Joanna to the train. She doesn’t want to be late for her first day of work as Robert Bowers’ assistant. At the train station, Julian and Joanna share a moment when both seem to be remembering their past.


FBI Agent Will Moreno goes to Donald Cheng to disclose what his informant has found out so far. Gabe is itching to go after Edward for Vivian’s murder because of his alleged involvement in another homicide years ago. Cheng thinks Gabe is just jealous of the Bowers’ money and power. He vetoes every plan of action. When Moreno asks for three more weeks, Cheng gives him three days to tie up the investigation. If they don’t have anything by then, it’s over.


Julian has flashbacks of giving his sister drugs when they were young. He freaks out. His rage is interrupted by a phone call and an invitation to a party.


Meanwhile, Joanna meets Moreno before she goes to work. He tells her that she has three days to find Vivian’s contact within Bowers Pharmaceuticals, or the investigation is over. He asks why she left the Bowers’ household in the first place. Joanna has a flashback of her mother catching her with Julian. She tells Moreno that her mother warned her “There’s a price to their generosity; nothing’s ever free, baby girl.”


At work, Joanna learns that Research and Development is done off site. She won’t be running into Vivian’s informant at work. She overhears Hannah Vancourt, Robert’s mistress and old assistant, arguing with him about the promotion she was supposed to get. She isn’t happy and threatens him; Hannah was in the office with Robert the night Vivian died. She remembers Edward calling several times. She warns Robert to be careful, or she’ll tell what she knows. Robert takes it all in stride and warns Hannah to be careful. “This conversation isn’t over,” Hannah tells him, “I am owed!”


After Hannah leaves the office, Robert asks her to find Julian. He’s concerned because his son isn’t answering his calls. Julian ignores her call as he is handed a drink at a party, “Drink this, you won’t feel a thing.” The woman tells him.


In the meantime, Mia is at school talking with a friend when she notices a girl filming her. When confronted the teenager says she wants to sell the footage to TMZ. Mia turns to the boy she is sitting with, disgusted. He tells her that she is so much different than her sister; he describes Vivian as a heroine addict and says he’s seen her sex tapes. Mia tells him her sister had gotten clean; she can’t believe he’s telling her that he got off on watching her sister have sex.


At Bowers’ Pharmaceuticals, Edward catches Joanna sitting in his father’s chair and working on his computer. Joanna says she was making entries to his calendar but Edward isn’t buying that. Pobert says she looks good in the CEO’s chair. Edward’s daughter is in a field hockey game; it’s a family event. Robert insists that Joanna come with them. At the game, however, a preppy dad starts in on Edward and escalates his comments to the point where he accuses him of murdering Vivian. It’s more than Edward’s temper can take and he punches the guy. Unfortunately, Gabe has put a tail on Edward and he is taken in on assault charges.


Moreno gives Gabe hell for not following orders. There was to be no tail on Edward Bowers. While he is in custody, Gabe recommends that Moreno question him. Edward waved his Miranda rights. When Will goes to talk to Edward, he acts as if he understands what the man is going through. He asks what the other guy said to cause the fight. When Edward says the man accused him of killing his sister, Moreno’s tone changes. He tells Edward that in his deposition he claimed he was home the night Vivian died. A traffic camera picked up his car, so he lied. He asks where Edward went that night.


Edward spins a tale of the sad dad who drives down the street to look at his children through the window. He and his wife are separated and that’s what you do when you can’t see your kids. Then he went to get something to eat. When Moreno asks if Edward killed his sister, Edward asks for a lawyer. Moreno lets him go.


Joanna meets Will again and he tells her that Edward was rattled; she informs him that the Research and Development database is password protected, but she’s still trying to get into the computer.


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In the meantime, Mia comes home from school to find Sofia getting rid of Vivian’s things. She refuses to live in the Vivian Bowers Museum. Mia tells Sofia that Vivian was right, she’s horrible. Sofia recalls an argument she had with Vivian after the woman got off the drugs. Vivian wanted to tell Mia that she is her mother and Sofia told her she had no idea how to be a mother. I kind of felt sorry for Sofia; she had raised Mia, and now Vivian wanted her back.


Hannah goes to see Sofia and tells her about her affair with Robert. Sofia breaks down and sobs over her scotch, then turns around and asks coldly “Is that what you wanted?” Sofia knows her husband and nothing Hannah says can sway her.


Joanna sees Hannah leaving; the mistress tells Joanna to quit her job and gets in her car. Joanna calls Moreno to tell him that Hannah Vancourt is ready to talk. Moreno is being reamed by Donald Cheng for Edward’s harassment. Robert Bowers called him to complain about the department following his son. The case is about to be closed; the ME has made a ruling that Vivian died of an accidental overdose.


Moreno goes to beg the ME to wait for the results of other tests. Vivian was beaten and her hands showed signs of restraint. The ME says she had a wild night! OMG I was so pissed! Will convinces the man to at least wait for the results of the blood gases, which will tell them if Vivian was suffocated before she died.


Joanna finally gets a break on the case when she learns that Mia knew Vivian was pregnant and had been introduced to the father of the baby. His name is Ben; Mia doesn’t have a last name, but it’s something.


After a huge midnight party, Julian shows up at breakfast. Robert asks how he’s holding it together and makes a suggestion. They should have a family clam bake on Saturday. While Edward refuses to bring his ex-wife, Robert convinces him to bring his girls, and he invites Joanna too. Mia spoils the fun by coming in with “Who Killed Vivian Bowers?” which she pins on a pep talk from Joanna.


In private, Robert asks Sofia to talk with him about Mia. He noticed that she hasn’t been speaking to him and demands she tell him why. Sofia turns on him and lets him know about Hannah’s visit. Robert tells his wife that “It’s taken care of.”


Meanwhile when Moreno tracks down Hannah Vancourt, he is turned away. He tells Joanna later that Hannah called him and is coming in. Joanna tells him they still have to figure out who Ben is, and find him.


Before Hannah can make it to her appointment with Agent Moreno, her brother is attacked in the parking garage. As he is being beaten, Joanna receives a call for Robert. It’s about Julian, she asks which hotel and heads out to retrieve the Bowers’ stray. Unfortunately, she doesn’t give him the attention he needs and he jumps out of her car to “make some new friends.”


Hannah calls Moreno and cancels their meeting. She says that she was just angry over her job and really had nothing he could use. Moreno asks if she’s been threatened. Hannah says her brother was in an accident; “Don’t contact me again.”


Back at the office, Joanna finds that Robert is still there. He talks about his children; he feels as if he’ll lose them all. Robert talks about when he lost his connection with Edward; he used to call him Eddie Spaghetti when the boy was four. After he leaves the room, Joanna goes to the computer and enters Eddie Spaghetti as the password and it works. She is faced with a picture of Ben… Ben Preswick was Vivian’s baby daddy and he inside man at Research and Development. Joanna calls Moreno to give him the news.


At the family Clam bake, Sofia acts like a different person. She has gifts for her granddaughters. Robert talks to Mia about Vivian. He swears she can talk to him about Vivian any time she wants. Sofia is even nice to Joanna.


Later Robert meets Rayburn in the yard and asks him “Did you take care of it?” Rayburn says he broke both of his knees. She’ll keep quiet.


Agent Moreno can’t find Ben Preswick; he’s in the wind. They need to find him before Vivian’s killer does. Meanwhile, we see that Ben Preswick is face to face with Edward Bowers.


Deception returns on Monday, January 21st, 2013 with episode 1×03 A Drop of Blood and a Microscope at 10:/9: Central.



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