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Deception 1×03 Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/22/2013

Deception on NBCDeception 1×03 A Drop of Blood and a Microscope Recap and Review


Deception 1×03 “A Drop of Blood and a Microscope” Summary: Joanna develops a bond with Samantha and becomes closer to Julian. Edward is asked to step down from Bowers’ Pharmaceuticals and a stranger causes Mia to make reckless decisions.


I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, although they are still throwing red herrings as far as I am concerned. I am as confuse over the murder of Vivian Bowers as I was in the beginning. I hope that their obvious suspects do not turn out to be the killer, because that would make for a very short lived show. Maybe it would have been better as a mini-series, unless they plan to use Joanna on other cases like this one.


Deception 1×03 opens with the news that Vivian Bowers’ death has been ruled a homicide. Will Moreno, Joanna Locasto and Donald Cheng discuss the case and how they are going to find Ben Preswick before the killer does. Will warns Joanna not to get accustomed to the Bowers’ lifestyle.


Meanwhile, Edward Bowers is talking to Ben. Edward promised to protect Ben, but now Vivian’s boyfriend isn’t sure he can trust Edward, and he says so. Edward tells Ben that he is just as likely a suspect in Vivian’s death. In the end, Edward asks Ben to show him the proof that Vivian promised him, about the drug testing that killed subjects in Thailand.


Julian is accosted by the press when he arrives at the office. Luckily, Joanna arrives at the same time and keeps him from attacking a reporter. When Edward arrives late; Robert asks his sons if either of them knew Vivian was pregnant. Julian has a flashback of getting into Viv’s car the night she died. So that mystery is solved; Julian was the guy in the hoodie that was following her that night. He recalls his argument with her over the drug testing. He back handed her with the ring he threw away in episode 1×01. Vivian asked if he was going to beat her to death and throw her in the river; she doesn’t think he’s man enough…


Okay, so that was probably another red herring, just as Edward is. My money so far is on someone we would not suspect at this stage of the game, but lets look deeper at the nuances of this episode.


As Robert walks through the park with Edward and asks how things are going, Edward informs him that Samantha plans to move away and take the girls with her; she’s upset because of the Kimberly Yeager case that has resurfaced. As if the question was just a pretext to get Edward to bring up his own shady past, Robert informs Edward that the board would like him to step down as CFO.


In the meantime, Joanna stops by to see Samantha and drop off something from Edward. She asks for a glass of water as a pretext to get into the house and delve further; maybe she can get some clues from Samantha. She does learn that the marital struggle started when Vivian kept calling Edward at all hours; about six weeks ago. He would leave the room to talk to her, and refused to tell Samantha what was going on. Sofia suddenly shows up with cotillion dresses for the girls and interrupts the budding friendship. Joanna offers to come by with a bottle of wine for girl talk and Samantha agrees.


Joanna takes a moment to check in with Moreno, and tell him about Samantha. He tells her to get a bottle of wine in her and close this thing. When he hangs up, Will is approached by a woman from the press. She fires off a bunch of questions that he refuses to answer; but when she says she has  ”An assload” of photos of Vivian with different guys, Moreno will follow her anywhere.


Mia is with her jerk of a boyfriend at a gallery. She tells him she’s looking at trees; she is looking for a perfect moment. A stranger approaches and says she won’t find what she’s looking for here; but he knows where she can find it. As her boyfriend’s jaw drops, the stranger invites Mia to go for a ride on his motorcycle and she’s gone.


Robert asks Joanna to go to a conference with Julian, because she has a calming effect on him. When Julian takes her to the helicopter she learns that she’s on her way to the Bahamas.Once there, and while sipping a drink, Joanna see’s Julian pulling a clothing rack. He went out and bought her clothes and accessories for their overnight stay. He has them sent to her room and then introduces her to Senator Dwight Haverstock (John Larroquette) who is on a committee for corruption in the FDA.


Meanwhile, Will is looking at photos and has the reporter zoom in on an ID badge; it’s Brent Baird, Senator Haverstock’s Chief of Staff. The reporter says that can’t be Vivian’s baby-daddy, it won’t sell. Moreno leaves her without comment. After Julian’s speech, about his miracle cancer cure, in the Bahama’s, Joanna calls Moreno and fills in the missing piece of the puzzle. (Okay, so that was a little too convenient.)


Edward goes to Samantha’s; he says he was checking for mail when she catches him. He admits the board has asked him to step down and she is elated. She begs him to come to Santa Barbara with her and the girls. She says he can start over; they can get away from his family and he can start a private practice.


The stranger has taken Mia to a party and a live band is playing. She takes a ton of photographs, then wanders off alone. One couple sees her with the camera and asks her to take their picture. Before she has time to react, one guy is up in her face, demanding she give him the camera. The stranger appears and beats the guy up, then asks if Mia is okay.


Deception 1×05 Why Wait Synopsis


Back at home, Robert and Sofia are playing Gin in bed; he tells her about Samantha’s plan to move away with the girls. She asks if he’d like her to talk to Samantha.


As Julian and Joanna walk along the beach in the Bahamas he talks of funding the researchers for Liratrol out of his own pocket. They come across a woman who is crying; she’s tied to the lifeguard station and she says she has to go to the bathroom. Joanna starts to untie her but a voice warns against that. “Don’t untie her,” Senator Haverstock says, “She knows what she did.” (Creepy!) Dwight brings up the people who were hurt during the drug testing, and Julian claims he knows nothing of it. Haverstock says that he won’t back the new drug unless he has a sit down with Robert Bowers first.


Back on the mainland, Edward is still at Samantha’s when he gets a desperate call from Ben. Preswick is sitting in a bar and asks Edward to get him inside Bowers’ Pharmaceuticals for five minutes. That’s all it would take to get the information on the drug testing. “Let’s finish what Vivian started.” Ben says. He reminds Edward of his promise of protection, as long as he is CFO of the company. When Edward gets off the phone, he goes and looks in on his sleeping daughters.


In the Bahamas, Joanna and Julian discover a man in his room, trying to steal his laptop. Joanna hurts herself in the scuffle. As Julian doctors her foot, she asks why anyone would take the laptop over the money. Julian and Joanna share a kiss before he closes the laptop and leaves her room.


Edward faces the board and listens to Roger as he speaks for everyone; they are glad that he’s being so reasonable. Edward chooses a different course; he asks about Roger’s wife paying off a shylock when his betting almost got his legs broken. Another member of the board was named on a Madame’s list and a third plea bargained his way out of hitting a kid on a bicycle and shattering his spine. Edward is not stepping down; Robert beams with pride. He had thought Edward’s fight was gone.


Julian and Joanna return from the Bahamas and the press takes photos from a distance. Back at the magazine, the reporter shows her editor the photos. They are wondering who the new woman in Julian’s life is. The plan is to plaster the photos all over the internet; someone will recognize her. That will be seriously bad for Joanna; her cover will be blown.


Meanwhile, Sofia and Samantha engage in a game of racket-ball. She tries to talk Samantha into staying, but when that doesn’t work, she starts hitting Samantha with the racket. She finally puts the woman against the wall with the racket to her throat and says that she can leave, but she can’t take the girls. If she tries, the family will see to it that she’s declared an unfit mother. By the time she sees the girls again, they won’t remember her.


At the Bowers’ estate, Robert talks privately with Julian about the sit down with Haverstock. He refuses adamantly, and says they’ll find another route to get their drug to market. Julian insists that Haverstock is the only route; Robert tells him to sit down with his brother and find out how to deal with adversity.


Joanna and Edward are both surprised to see Samantha at dinner with the family. She refuses Joana’s invitaion to sit down with a bottle of wine at a later date. Samantha says that marriage can be stressful, in-laws can be irritating; she just caught her at a bad time, but it’s alright now.


Mia is up in her room looking at photos of Vivian when the ‘stranger’ calls. He says he was thinking of her and wants to get together again. When he gets off the phone, he walks up to the guy who attacked her and pays him; “You know how to get in touch if you need to beat someone up again.”


After dinner with the Bowers’ Joanna and Mia are looking through the photos. She hands Joanna one of her best shots of Vivian and Julian together. Joanna sees the ring on Julian’s finger and recalls the mark on Vivian’s face. She suddenly tells Mia that she has to go.


Joanna heads over to Will Moreno’s apartment and tells him she remembered who she was. Then she kisses him passionately and proceeds to jump his bones. Seriously! Afterwards, as they lay side by side, she tells him “I think Julian killed Vivian, we need to pick him up.”


Next week: Joanna has to try and get a confession out of Julian because they have nothing to go on. Will is about to learn about her relationship with Julian.


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