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Deception 1×04 One, Two, Three… One, Two, Three Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/29/2013

Deception 1x04Deception 1×04 One, Two, Three… One, Two, Three Recap and Review


Deception 1×04 One Two Three… One Two Three Synopsis: Joanna learns that Julian is hiding something about the night of Vivian’s murder. At the same time, Senator Haverstock delivers some disturbing news to Edward, and Robert and Sofia get their first glimpse of Mia’s new boyfriend.


Deception 1×04 One Two Three… One Two Three Review:  I have to say that I am a sucker for a mystery; otherwise I wouldn’t be watching all of these shows. I love Deception for the mystery, but I am growing tired of the Soap Opera. Deception started out with a really good cast and some good acting; the show even has a premise that has worked before. Unfortunately, as much as I like the show’s storyline, the red herrings are getting tiresome. I don’t need to have the killer revealed in the first episode, or even in the first year, but concentrating on a few members of the family; in this case two primary suspects, is just not helping Deception to progress.


In the first couple of episodes, everyone was expecting it to be Edward; then Julian, now it might be Edward again. I am beginning to think that maybe the killer isn’t even a member of the family at all. I had read reviews of the show that claimed the story would get tired, but I didn’t expect it to get tired this quickly. It makes me wonder what the writers were thinking. Is it a soap opera trying to pass for a mystery? I believe it is.


Deception 1×04, One, Two, Three… One, Two, Three begins with a scene I expect was supposed to “seem” sexual in nature. Joanna is seen from behind with Agent Will Moreno in front of her; she’s saying “That feels good…” but all he’s doing is wiring her up. I knew that so I don’t get the reasoning for the ploy. Anyone who watched last week’s episode knew where this one was going.


Joanna tells Will that she’s worried about him hearing something he can’t unhear, while she is on her date with Julian. So why doesn’t she just tell him the truth in the first place? In the meantime, his partner asks what’s taking so long and whether they’re naked in there. These are supposed to be Federal agents, so the immature jokes don’t make sense either.


Will admits to Joanna that he really wants the killer to be Edward, but if she gets a confession out of Julian, at least they’re done. This is bad because he already reprimanded Gabe in a prior episode for that type of bias. Once Joanna and Julian are drinking and joking about old times, the agent in the van with Moreno gets even more juvenile; especially when Julian lets the bomb drop that he was Joanna’s “first.”


The next day, Will berates Joanna for not telling him about her prior relationship with Julian Bowers. He’s been listening in since day one, so you would think he’d have figured it out. He claims that the prosecutor would throw the case out. Joanna retorts that it was seventeen years ago; the prosecutor might not like the fact that she slept with her handler two nights ago. Will gets a location on Vivian’s Baby daddy; but he won’t let Joanna go because she needs to report for work at Bowers’ Pharmaceuticals.


Meanwhile, Mia is discussing her next class with her friends (one was her boyfriend last week) when her new boyfriend shows up on his motorcycle. She asks her friends to cover for her if there’s a quiz and leaves.


Will Moreno totally botches the grab for Ben Preswick. He pounds on the door and announces that they’re Federal Agents; Preswick runs and ends up on the fire escape. An old woman comes out to find out what these men are doing out there and stalls Will, so Ben gets away.


At the office, Robert Bowers apologizes to a Style reporter from the times because Mia didn’t show up. I have no idea what good that scene did the show at all, except he has a reason to check on Mia’s whereabouts; which he would never have done if he wasn’t embarrassed by her absence.


Mia and her boyfriend bond over a location where artists take photos; she doesn’t get it. There are two people jumping on a trampoline; he says sometimes they jump naked. Now she gets it. He says they should accelerate their relationship by telling each other their quirks. She taught herself to read at three; he taught himself to play the piano at six. He says his favorite food is his mother’s turkey loaf; she says her mom made her soup in the microwave once. She wanted to be just like her mom; he wanted to be just like his dad, a fireman until he fell through a floor. She says she’s rich; her family is miserable; he says his family is poor but happy. Then he tells the truth, his family is miserable too. They end up jumping on the trampoline, with their clothes on.


Julian takes his father’s advice and discusses Haverstock with Edward; but Julian doesn’t really get the help he needs. Joanna meets Will on a quick coffee break and learns that Ben got away; he’s in the wind. She talks him into letting her have another go at a confession from Julian. Back at the office, she gets him to agree to a date at the Club, for Lobster.


Mia is making herself a huge snack in a huge bowl, pouring M&Ms into the mix, when her father comes in and she lies about why she missed the meeting. He knows she’s lying and forbids her from seeing her “degenerate” boyfriend. He asks if the degenerate has a name, and we finally learn that the stranger’s name is Kyle… “Degenerate.” Mia adds as a last name. She gets grounded and anything else Robert can think of, short of a spanking.


Edward meets up with Dwight Haverstock and asks about Liratrol; he says the senator doesn’t have to worry about anything Vivian said. Haverstock says it isn’t about Vivian. He asked for a sit down with his old friend Robert; they had a deal and now it’s time to talk about that deal. Edward learns that it was Haverstock that made the Kimberly Yeager case go away. Robert called him and he called a friend. Edward doesn’t remember anything; he blacked out and when he woke up, he saw the girl’s body lying outside on the lawn.


Deception 1×03 Recap and Review


Sofia and Mia talk about her plight with her father, and Sofia’s plight finding a boa skin purse. The two make a date to go shopping on Saturday and work out a strategy while she shops for a new purse.


Julian and Joanna talk about pick-up lines on their date; then she offers Vivian’s favorite line. Julian asks why she keeps bringing up his sister; Joanna says she sees her everywhere she looks; everything reminds her of Vivian. She heads to the powder room and when she returns, Julian is gone. She finds him at home, sitting on a bench in the portico. He finally confesses to fighting with Vivian the night she died and hitting her. Vivian had planned to go away and take Mia with her, after bringing down the family with her accusations against Liratrol. She walked off and he couldn’t catch her; she disappeared after crossing the street. He says he drove her car home.


Joanna tells Moreno that she buys Julian’s story; Will thinks she’s biased. She says that he has no reason to lie; she’s just his dad’s secretary. Julian calls while they’re talking, to apologize for last night; he makes another date, to cook dinner for her at his place.


In the city, Ben hits someone up for twenty bucks, saying that his wallet was stolen. He just wants to get back to the suburbs where it’s safe. The man is a soft touch and Ben heads off to catch a train. Meanwhile, Sofia and Mia discuss Kyle as well as Sofia’s former position as Robert’s assistant. She says then Mia came along and for once I actually like the woman. I know that Sofia is really Vivian’s daughter; but Sofia is so animated as she talks about how much she loved Mia when she was born.


Edward talks to his father and asks him about Kimberly Yeager. “Did I do it dad? Did I kill her? Did I dad?” It’s very sad and emotional; Robert talks about all of Edward’s accomplishments. I am reminded of the scandals in the Kennedy family. Anyway, Edward says that’s not an answer; he asks if he killed the girl and his father made it go away. Robert responds by telling Edward that Haverstock has his own agenda. “I’ll handle Dwight Haverstock; don’t you worry about a thing.” And again the show has changed from the way it began; Sofia maintained in the first episode that Robert doesn’t handle these things, she does. In another episode, Robert had his maintenance man do the heavy lifting. Now, he says he’ll handle it.


While Joanna and Julian are inside his apartment, chatting as they chop vegetables, an agent tells Will Moreno that Julian’s time line doesn’t add up. The night of Vivian’s murder, they have looked for her car on the traffic cams, coming home; her car didn’t make that route.


Inside, Julian says that when he came home, he found month old Pad Thai in the fridge. Joanna makes the connection and says that he was home the night Vivian died; he starts out by saying that he wasn’t hungry; then he says he didn’t sleep there. Finally he admits that he went to see his friend Cassie, a woman he sometimes has sex with. He didn’t tell her before because he thought they might have something. Now that Joanna looked at him that way, not only believing that he could kill somebody, but believing he could kill his own sister; Julian realizes they have nothing left between them. He says he’s not hungry.


Edward pulls his car into the garage and gets jumped; his car is stolen. Meanwhile, Sofia informs Robert that she has told Mia to invite her boyfriend Kyle to dinner. She expects Robert to be charming. Robert is trying to understand why she rewarded Mia for lying by taking her on a shopping spree. Sofia says that he doesn’t help matters any by being a bully. Robert says he has something to take care of, but he’ll be back in plenty of time to be charming.


Will sits down with Joanna and shows her the time stamped photos of Julian driving Vivian’s car to Cassie’s where he spent the night. This exonerates Julian Bowers. “Julian Bowers is off the hook and we’re done.” Joanna comments. “Yeah, we’re done. Go home detective.” Moreno tells her. So now, she has played two guys at once and lost them both. I wonder what Joanna will do for her next trick.


Joanna calls her mom to say hi, and finds out that it’s game night; her own mother doesn’t have time for her. While she is saying goodbye, Samantha comes through with her girls saying they want to see daddy. Joanna learns that Edward is in the hospital with a concussion. Samantha saw Edward’s car heading towards hers when she was on the way home, but it was a dark haired man driving. She found her husband knocked out in the garage. Joanna already knows that it’s Ben Preswick; she asks a few questions and learns that Edward’s access cards to the company are kept in his glove compartment. She promises Samantha that she’ll cancel them and heads off in one direction as Samantha calls for the girls.


Robert shows up on Haverstock’s yacht and decks him; “You wanted us to sit down and talk; well you’re sitting and I’m talking. Don’t you ever come near my family, again.”


Sofia and Robert teach Mia to dance (one, two, three, one, two, three) as Kyle arrives. While Sofia goes to the door, Robert tells Mia that he drowns her mother out by listening to music in his head. He says to try Amazing Grace to the tune of Camp Town Races and starts to sing. Sofia asks Kyle if he knows how to dance; she wants to show them up. He asks how he’s doing. “Don’t get Cocky, Keith.” Sofia says and barely skips a beat when he corrects her. “If you’re interested in anything other than my daughter’s heart, I’ll eat yours.” Sofia warns him with a smile.


Joanna catches Ben Preswick at the computer terminal in Bowers’ Pharmaceuticals. He runs and the chase heads down a set of stairs, she falls, he falls, they grapple; finally Joanna tells him that she’s a cop. “I know who you are.” And now her cover is blown…


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