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Defiance Season 2 First Trailer and New Cast Members

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 04/10/2014

Grant Bowler, Jaime Murray, Julie Benz, Stephanie Leonidas, Linda HamiltonDefiance Season 2 First Trailer and New Cast Members


SyFy has released the first Defiance Season 2 trailer at  In it, we see old foes as well as some scary looking new ones. Honestly, I had to watch it several times with lots of pausing. There are so many crazy things going on. The biggest being Nolan (Grant Bowler)  kissing Stahma (Jaime Murray). WTH? Between Rafe (Graham Greene) in the Tarr bath and Nolan kissing Stahma, I’m kind of  scarred for life. Then there is Alak (Jesse Rath) in bed with some random woman. I’m crossing my fingers Defiance doesn’t become a sappy soap opera. I hate when that happens. The masked guys (see above) look menacing enough to keep my hopes up.


Season 2 also brings along new characters. Linda Hamilton, of Terminator fame, has a recurring guest spot as Rafe’s ex-wife, Pilar. Looks like Rafe lied about her death to protect his children…from her. This could definitely be an interesting turn of events for the McCawley household.


William Atherton (Die Hard) and Anna Hopkins (Human Trafficking) also join the cast. Atherton will play Viceroy Mercado, the Earth Republic’s new leader in charge of the city. Hopkins character is a soldier named Jessica “Berlin” Rai.


Defiance Season 2 First Trailer and New Cast Members

Defiance returns on SyFy Thursday  June 19 ,2014 8/7c.


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