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Dexter 7×11 Do You See What I See Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 12/10/2012


Dexter 7×11 Do You See What I See Recap and Review

This week’s Dexter starts with Dexter doing something new and thinking about the future in voiceover and envisioning himself and Hannah growing older together while a teenage Harrison walks across the back yard.

This vision of serenity is interrupted as Dexter gets a call alerting him that a man named Hector Estrada, who orchestrated his mother’s murder, will have a parole hearing. Dexter cannot resist telling Hannah that he is one of the only living men responsible. This seems like a gift from the heavens, but will probably end up being a lump of coal in Dexter’s stocking.

Next, Estrada is granted parole and Dexter watches passively. We all know what this means.

At the station, Angel informs Deb that he has discovered the location of Arlene, who has lost custody of her children. Deb then decides that she will question Arlene, not Dexter.

Meanwhile, Dexter sees Matthews. Matthews tells Dexter that Maria believes that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Matthews has good reason to buy into this since there is a connection between where Doakes died and the men who murdered Dexter’s mother. Dexter intercepts and tells Matthews that Doakes had a boat. Matthews is convinced and decides to tell Maria to move on.

Next, Deb gets together with Arlene. Deb basically blackmails her into testifying about Hannah killing her counselor with the custody of her children. Arlene doesn’t really give an answer. Something tells me Arlene has something more to hide.

When Dexter and Deb meet up at a Santa Claus photography place, Dexter mentions Matthews. Dexter now feels he has to frame Doakes, again, by having the police discover a fake boat all by himself. Apparently, Dexter doesn’t think the timing of this new discovery won’t leave anyone questioning anything.

Then, Maris chides Matthews and informs him that she would already know if Doakes had a boat. This seems to confuse Matthews even more. I cannot say I blame him.

Hannah is then approached by Arlene. Arlene lays it out that she doesn’t want to be involved, but doesn’t want to lose her freedom or children over this. Hannah now knows what must be done. If only the writers hadn’t made Hannah such a one note character, I might have been surprised.

Cut to Dexter searching on-line for his new alibi in the form of an aging storage area specifically for boats for people like Doakes.

Deb then enters Maria’s empty house. Apparently, she and Dexter really are on the same page his season.

Then, Dexter overviews Estrada’s prison release from afar. Time’s running out for him.

Next, we start to conclude Quinn’s story with an amazing, shocking revelation…that Nadia left for Vegas b/c she needed some space for herself! Something tells me we’ll see some more of her…but I don’t really want to.

Back to actually interesting storylines, Maria and Matthews go through evidence taken from where Doakes died. They find knives with Doakes’ fingerprints. Maria comments that Dexter has the abilities to make this look like actual evidence, but knows he is in debt to him to clear his name. Matthews decides he’s had enough and just wants his pension. I cannot blame him on that one.

Deb then connects with Hannah. Hannah tries to get Deb on her side, but it clearly isn’t working. Deb says the only reason Hannah is still free is b/c of her (familial) love of Dexter. Nope, nothing incestuous about that.

Matthews then speaks with Dexter. Matthews assures Dexter that the evidence will keep Maria off his trail for good. I’m not sure if I believe that, but it sounded nice coming from him.

Estrada then agrees with Dexter b/c Dexter says he has some cigars to be moved. Suddenly, Dexter receives word from Angel that Deb has been in an accident so important we apparently didn’t need to see it.

Dexter then arrives at the hospital and Deb is essentially unharmed. However, a lot of anti-anxiety meds were detected in her system. When Deb wakes up, she blames Hannah, but Dexter is actually buying  it. And they say Dexter is brilliant?!

Next, Dexter decides to figure out if Hannah really did poison Debra, so he sends a water bottle found in her car to the lab. Not a bad move.

Angel then announces his retirement to Maria in the New Year. I think I hear of s sigh of relief from the audience (cue crickets).

Cut to Hannah and Dexter confessing their past relationships. Dexter has to leave for Estrada but asks Hannah if she tried to hurt Deb. Hannah, naturally, denies it with a good alibi that she would have actually killed Deb had she wanted to. Hannah acts very self-righteous about their potential future together and lets Dexter leave.

Dexter then makes the next logical move: he knocks Estrada out and gets him in some plastic on a table. Estrada mentions Maria and Dexter realizes this is all a clever set-up. He lets Estrada live and now Estrada is living proof if Dexter’s deeds. Perhaps being with Hannah is making Dexter stupider by the minute.

Cut to Maria talking to officers in Dexter’s botched crime scene. They find plastic wrap since Dexter actually came to his senses and will probably set up shop elsewhere.

Dexter escapes with Estrada in tow, but Estrada is too quick for him and jumps in the water, forcing Dexter to separate from him. That morning, Dexter then finds out that Deb’s bottle was tampered with, so Hannah is the culprit after all. Dexter goes back to the hospital and gives Deb the ultimate Christmas gift in the form of Sal Price’s pen, which will effectively convict Hannah. Deb acknowledges what a wrenching emotional decision this is for Dexter. Dexter retorts by saying that Deb isn’t safe as long as Hannah is in the picture. Love makes people do strange things, but this is one decision that was an obvious choice from about five episodes ago. , which we all knew the whole time

Dexter finds Hannah in the back yard gardening. They kiss, but this is no make-up kiss. It is to say good bye as Dexter brought police reinforcements with him to handcuff Hannah and lead her away. Hannah was clearly trying to kill the wrong Morgan sibling.

I suppose my biggest issue with this season of Dexter is that there is relatively little suspense in any of these stories. Every concern seems like a mere afterthought compared to previous seasons’ arcs. The less said about Quinn’s story, the better. I hope they decide to write him out like they have Angel. Maybe they could even switch positions. Considering their equal blandness, it wouldn’t be that difficult. Of course Deb is going to keep Dexter’s secret and keep her incestuous fantasies under wraps…for now. It could be argued that Deb is a poison, but I don’t think Dexter will act upon this. The conflict is there, but there is relatively no momentum going into the season finale, nor is there a compelling villain in the form of the Trinity Killer or even Lila from season 2, despite Yvonne Strahovski’s strong performance and compelling beauty. I doubt one more episode is going to change this pattern.

Considering the overt title of the finale is “Surprise, Motherfuckers,” I guess I’ll have to take this forced anticipation with a grain of salt. Can predictability really be in the rear view mirror? I think we can safely say that Hannah won’t be in custody for long. Estrada is probably the one we should be most afraid of now. Despite his now-glaring flaws,  the character Dexter seems to always make the right decision when the time is right despite the setbacks. I suspect the show Dexter will demonstrate no difference in that.











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