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Dexter 7×12 Surprise, Motherf***er Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 12/17/2012

DexterDexter 7×12 Surprise, Motherfucker Recap and Review



The twisty seventh season finale of Dexter starts sometime after last week’s episode with Dexter visiting Hannah in jail. Hannah promises not to tell anyone about his “Dark Passenger.” Dexter claims that he couldn’t find a better way to keep Deb from harm. Dexter gets emotional and says he misses Hannah and they kiss and she bites him and tells him good bye.

Cut to Hannah calling Arlene for help.

Dexter’s son, Harrison, asks where Hannah is. Maris knocks at Dexter’s door to arrest Dexter for Estrada’s murder. Dexter is handcuffed and brought to the station. Maria alerts Angel that she has evidence that Bay Harbor Butcher is and always was Dexter. Angel and Deb tries to convince her otherwise, but Maria swats them away.

When questioned, Dexter says that he went fishing the night before. Maria thinks by “fishing,” he means tossing pieces of Estrada’s body into the ocean. She accuses him of betrayal. Dexter retorts by saying Maria is retaliating b/c of her relationship with Doakes. Masuka enters and says the shirt Maria has a photo of was from Estrada’s arrest from 30 years prior. Maria accuses Dexter of setting her up since the wallet that was found has a half print of her’s on it, but Dexter is free to go.

Cut to Dexter and Maria in the elevator. Dexter plays dumb. Maria says Doakes said he was wrong in the head. This causes a flashback of Dexter working alongside Doakes. Maria then distracts them and gives Doakes a key.

Cut back to Angel saying that Maria is why Estrada was granted parole. He threatens to have her fired if she doesn’t stop bothering Dexter with this.

After that, Deb arrives at Dexter’s place. Deb says he is safe from Maria. She asks about Hannah and how she can get a reduced sentence since her arraignment is the next morning. Dexter thinks not since she’s in love with him. Henry then appears to remind Dexter that Estrada is not dead. If Maria finds him, she might try to work something out with him.

Next, Dexter goes to the last known address of Estrada’s most recent wife. The wife says she wears her ring still, but hasn’t seen him. Dexter doesn’t believe her. Neither do we.

The ring reminds Dexter of a time when he was too over enthusiastic to act out a crime scene for Doakes. It made Doakes nervous and showed Dexter’s true self to him.

Back in the present, Dexter follows Estrada’s wife.

Meanwhile, Maria cannot get over this and asks Matthews for help. Matthews says she’s under investigation and needs to kiss ass. Matthews caves in and agrees to help.

In the morning, Deb is present for Hannah’s arraignment. Deb asks Hannah to confess. Hannah responds by asking how Deb cannot arrest Dexter since they both know about his Dark Passenger. Hannah is then denied bail. However, Arlene is also there to provide help and slides something toward Hannah’s way as she is led out of the courtroom

Next, Angel talks to Maria about his retirement party. He wants her to apologize to Dexter. Maria doesn’t seem keen on that and probably has other plans.

As Hannah is being escorted back to jail, she starts having a seizure. She then is rushed to the hospital.

Next, Maria talks to Deb in her office and confesses she let her bitter emotions get in the way of thinking logically. Maria then brings up Travis Marshall from last season. Deb claims she didn’t go to the church when he was killed. However, Maria shows Deb show surveillance footage she got from Mike Anderson’s widow that proves she was in the vicinity of the church during the time of Travis’ death. Maria is suspicious that deb was filling up a gas can and not her tank. Maria knows Deb is protecting Dexter, but lets her go. However, Maria warns her that this is not the end of her probing.

Dexter continues following Estrada’s wife to a public park. The wife has been Estrada’s courier. She exits and Dexter pays a child to throw a ball at Estrada, making Estrada angry and running after them right to Dexter’s car. Dexter inoculates and  knocks Estrada out and tosses him in the back of his car. Deb calls Dexter.

Then, Hannah wakes up.

Deb tells Dexter what Maria told her. Dexter needs to know everything Maria might know.

Cut to Hannah gone. We all saw that coming.























Dexter goes to Maria’s house. It seems Maria has warrants to track GPS signals on Dexter and Deb’s phones to prove Deb is involved. Harry tells Dexter to run away. Dexter refuses. Dexter wants to kill Maria, but she is not evil. Dexter doesn’t want Deb to suffer b/c of him.

Cut to another flashback showing Dexter being told by Doakes that he shouldn’t have worked with Maria. Doakes points out that Dexter is quoting the journal of a suspected murderer. Doakes is convinced Dexter is wrong in the head.

Back in the present, Dexter has Estrada call Maria to tell her to meet up. Estrada tells Dexter that it was either him or his mother since she snitched on him. Dexter says will kill someone difficult and break his own rules of conduct to do it.

At Angel’s party, Deb tries to meet with Dexter. Jamie sits with drunk Quinn. Deb calls the station and finds that Maria is going to the shipping yards on a mission.

Cut to see Hannah leaving a house plant on Dexter’s door for him to find. One hopes it is not poison ivy.

Next, Maria enters the container. Maria finds Estrada’s body. Dexter then inoculates Maria to frame her for Estrada’s murder, like they killed each other at the same time.

Then, Deb arrives and hears a gun shot. Deb finds Dexter and points her gun a him and doesn’t want him to kill Maria. However, Maria wakes up and tells Deb to kill Dexter since she knows she’s a good person. Conflicted, Deb kills Maria and is so distraught she cries with over her corpse. Looks like more than Maria’s career took a hit.

Deb and Dexter arrive to party with Angel and probably to wash the blood off their hands. Dexter’s voiceover talks of breaking rules. Dexter doesn’t usually do that so he doesn’t know who he is anymore. This is a new start for him. As the fireworks go off, Dexter wonders if this is the start of his undoing.

This episode and season only continued Dexter‘s undoing to me. I loved that they killed Maria as she has always annoyed me. However, I am a little surprised that they are acting like Deb wouldn’t be considered a suspect. She got her finger prints on Maria and Maria’s blood on her and went to the party with it on her. The GPS evidence is still there. Why would Maria meet Estrada all alone? I thought she was much more intelligent than that since she kind of figured out Dexter’s killer instincts. Why would Maria show EXACTLY what evidence she has to Deb in the first place? Maybe she’s not so smart after all.  Why would they make it do easy for Hannah to escape? They didn’t handcuff her to the hospital bed or notify Deb that she was taken there in the first place. Everything this season has happened a little too conveniently. I guess some of this could come up in season eight when it is necessary. I’m guessing Hannah won’t be back since the non-existent all-points bulletin looking for her will result in her never coming back to Florida again. I don’t don’t feel she’ll be missed that badly, but I’m kind of glad they didn’t just killer off like every other villain of the season.








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